Compassion is to See the Face of God

les-miserables-heart-full-of-loveI finally got to see Les Misérables on the big screen. It was supposed to be shown LAST YEAR (just last month), but it wasn’t. What a late screening schedule!

I’m so sorry, I just can’t throw off my gripes for our local cinema for the huge delay in the screening schedule of this epic. See, I’ve seen the 10th anniversary concert, read story synopses, and watched the (non-musical) film. It was my chance to see another full musical on the big screen, but it was VERY LATE!

Oh well, no bother. At least it still got screened. 😛

To make this short: I like it! But here are my personal points:

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Fun and Amusement, Personified

My favorite of the five guardians. 😀

First off, this is the first movie I will be watching this year.

A little over a month before the new year kicks in and I see my first movie this year just now. When I go over the reasons why, I would say I just forget that a movie I was dying to see was being screened because of “other things” that I have to do. Eventually, the screening time is over and I’m done doing my “other things”. Irritating, if you ask me.

Getting on with the movie: There is the concept of a Guardian who takes care of and protects the interests of children, specifically, what it is to be a child. There are four Guardians namely, Santa Claus (also called North in the movie), The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny, and Sandman. Respectively, they are the Guardians of: Wonder, Memories, Hope, and Dreams.

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Multiple Deceptions: From Bones to Metal (or, Fools for Adamantium)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine finally premiered here in the Philippines yesterday–30 April 2009–a day early to the international release. What a treat for workers who are celebrating Labor Day today.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Theatrical Poster. Don't watch the leaked version. It's so much better on the big screen.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine Theatrical Poster. Don’t watch the leaked version. It’s so much better on the big screen.

The famed victim of leakage and piracy, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (directed by Gavin Hood), according to lead star Hugh Jackman, is not an X-Men IV. It is a prequel, rather, to the X-Men trilogy–a biopic of a fraction of Wolverine/Logan/James Howlett’s violent, pre-adamantium life roughly 20 years before the X-Men; his family, exposure to war, emotional development, and the tragedies he had to confront. The film centers, generally, on Wolverine’s involvement in the Weapon X program (spearheaded by Colonel William Stryker), and his relationship with his brother, Victor Creed/Sabretooth.

Little Girl: Are you Spider-Man?
Logan: No darlin’, Spider-Man is a sissy.

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