The Old Reader: A Short-Lived Affair

The-Old-Reader-going-privateUpdate: The Old Reader announced that they will remain public after all.  I’m still testing out Bloglovin, though: Follow my blog with Bloglovin.

It’s another sad week.

Yesterday, I saw a notification on my The Old Reader page saying that they took down the “Donate” button and that they were going private.  I was initially alarmed after reading the “… going private” page so I headed over to their blog.  Sure enough, I saw their heart-breaking announcement: The Old Reader is going to be a private RSS Aggregator for the developers’ families and friends, those who already donated, & those who signed up before March 31, 2013.

I am neither related or friends with any of the three developers.  I haven’t donated to them in the past.  I also am not one of the privileged few who signed up for their service before March 31, 2013 either; although I wish I did.

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Bye, Bye for Good, Google Reader

The start of this week was a very disappointing one for me. Back in March when Google announced that it would be ending their (RSS) Reader service, I thought they would come up with a better RSS aggregation solution. I thought they wouldn’t really be ending their RSS aggregator. Besides, in the morning of July 2, a day after the announced kill-off of Google Reader, I could still access the service. So I thought, maybe it was a joke?

Alas, in the evening of the same day, I got this message:


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