Shrek Forever After

It’s distressing when an animated series that has endeared itself to me is now down to its final act. After the release of Shrek the Third back in 2007, reports claimed that the Shrek series will run for seven installments. I wished DreamWorks didn’t bring my hopes up in the first place so I wouldn’t feel woeful now. The Shrek series was a great addition to the animated movie genre. It has the things that I look for in a comically twisted animation: A pseudo-medieval setting, retro ballads for a soundtrack, satire, spoofs, slapstick comedy, rudeness, and disgust. What other animated flick has these elements?

But yeah, things come to an end anyway. *sigh!*

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The Ogre Finally Goes 3D!

At long last, Shrek is now crossing to the latest in the movie experience—3D.  In Shrek Forever After, our hero is cursed by making a pact with the naughty Rumpelstiltskin. The world of Far Far Away is now turned upside down. This is just what I need to relieve my stress—another parody of classic fairytales.

Aside from Shrek the ogre, one of my all-time favorite character from the movie franchise is Puss in Boots. So when the trailer came out, I instantly skipped to the parts with Puss. Look below…

You may be thinking, “Something’s wrong with Puss…”

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