Fairy Tail 436: Memoirs Chapter Assessment

Upon inspecting the chapter cover, we see Zeref and the text, “Everything about myself… I will tell you.” OMG!! This is the chapter that is going to reveal a big secret, is it not?

Indeed, it is! We travel back 400 years ago to where Zeref’s history began, back when he was still a little kid. A backstory chapter, eh? Something in the vein of Fairy Tail Zero and Tale of Fairy Tail: Ice Trail.

Apparently, Zeref was a brilliant child, a genius, at the Mildian Magic Academy. At a young age, he touched on a taboo: magic and its relation to life and death, something along the lines of necromancy. Then, we flash forward to the present and see that Zeref was dreaming about it(?). Then, he looks at the book of E.N.D., then exclaims, “Natsu…” then says that he had a younger brother once, but he died. In that moment, I knew that that younger brother was Natsu. It was not profound in my mind yet, but I knew and just kept it under wraps since I was just beginning to read the chapter.

Then, we flashback again and the young Zeref is now talking about the R-System. And then, we see a teenage Zeref researching on the Eclipse project. At that point, his superior says that he is expelled from the academy… and that his brother is not coming back.


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