Fairy Tail 435: Shout of Victory Chapter Assessment

Alas! This is the first chapter of the last set of two-part chapter releases for Fairy Tail. But who knows? We might get other future two-part chapter releases!

Anyway, it is all positive and all smiles in this chapter! Natsu Dragneel has defeated one of the Yakuma 18 War Gods: Ikusatsunagi. It was a majestic feat, something akin to Erza defeating 100 A-, B-, and C-class monsters, and an S-class monster during the Grand Magic Games—probably even more! Considering that Ikusatsunagi was gigantic and as a size comparison, Natsu looked like a fly on Ikusatsunagi’s sword! I guess this arc was made to showcase Natsu’s ability and how much he has gotten stronger in one year. Also, it showcases the other Fairy Tail members’ magical and combat growth.

As I was expecting, Gajeel Redfox, Pantherlily, and Levi McGarden would show up together with the soldiers of the Magic Council after Avatar was defeated. Typical. Nevertheless, it was great that they got to be reunited! And with Gajeel and Natsu seeing each other after a year, hilarity ensues! I just could not believe that Natsu still underestimates Gajeel! And Erza Scarlet, too! They both thought Gajeel did not have it in him to be an officer of the Magic Council! Ha! Ha!


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Fairy Tail 434: Crumbling Fist Chapter Assessment

This is one amazing chapter! Definitely a Fairy Tail chapter that emphasizes familial and friendship bonds and the drive to become stronger to protect those you hold dear: everything that the Fairy Tail guild has been all this time.

Again, the focus is on Natsu Dragneel as he attempts to take down the gigantic Ikusatsunagi. That scene of him running through Ikusatsunagi’s blade while being watched by Erza Scarlet is reminiscent of a similar scene during the Oracion Seis arc (Chapter 147: Guild of Hope, pages 15 to 17). Pages nine up to the end were emotionally-charged with Natsu in focus. In particular, page 13, the one that showed a flashback of Igneel, the Flame Dragon King and the adoptive father of Natsu. Man! That was one heck of a flashback! I still remember that chapter wherein Igneel died at the hands of Acnologia, and was witnessed by Natsu (Chapter 414: Drops of Flame). Very heartbreaking! I still wish the dragons in Fairy Tail are in existence.

Nevertheless, it was a triumphant chapter indeed! Ikusatsunagi was defeated and Arlock, along with the members of Avatar were taught a lesson on valuing your companions and the relationships established with them. It is one of those chapters that will put a smile on your face. 😀


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Fairy Tail 431: My Sword is… Chapter Assessment

I am so happy that again, we got two chapters this week! Makes all the waiting really worth it! Now, instead of releasing two chapters, why not release one 40-page chapter instead?

Anyway, from the chapter’s title, it was obvious that it is going to be about Erza Scarlet. However, when the panel with Jerome talking about his Dark Sword was shown, I was afraid that the chapter title referred to his sword and that we would have a long battle between him and Erza. Thankfully, that was not the case and we are treated to the awesomeness that is Erza—clad in a new armor with flying/dancing swords. Finally! But, it is a new armor, isn’t it? It’s like she used a similar technique of dancing swords before, but with a different armor. Anyway, her new swords do not let her enemies feel that they have been touched/cut; as such, they would have been bleeding without them knowing it. She looks awesomely fresh and badass after being absent for how many chapters!

Good thing the Fairies are not being beaten down now, unlike in chapters past where a single fight would take two to three chapters to complete with the spotlighted Fairy going through tough beatings before emerging victorious. Instead, in this chapter, Erza eliminates Jerome like he was nothing. As it turns out, this Avatar guild is nothing; then again, this is not even the main guild/headquarters.


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Fairy Tail 430: Purification Ritual Chapter Assessment

Seeing Wakaba Mine on the cover is just… Ha! Ha! Ha!

Oh well, Gray Fullbuster’s opening statement,

…There’s no way I’d join some creepy guild like this anyway.

…puts everything back into place. *sigh of relief* Thankfully, Gray was also able to control the marks on his body with Porlyusica’s help. Erza Scarlet’s choice of words like,

It’s always better to have less people know about the mission, as it raises the rate of success

…is one of the things I missed about her. She could have simply said, “to keep other people out of trouble,” but no, she chose “rate of success” instead. She just has a different way of getting things across.

Then comes a shocking revelation that should have been given utmost emphasis: Avatar is not just the small guild like the one Gray infiltrated. It is NOT even the main branch of the guild; rather, it is just a “small part of it”. With that, we get the impression that Avatar is a much bigger guild of Zeref-followers, possibly bigger than the Balam Alliance of chapters and arcs past.

In a touching moment, Gray apologizes to Lucy Heartfilia for having to put up a cruel act to cover his real allegiance. He also laughs at the thought that a maid hit him, which makes Lucy blush. There is some tension between these two… Hmm…


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Fairy Tail 429: Code Blue Chapter Assessment

Okay, I was really taken back after going through this chapter. And thankfully, everything turned out great! Plus, we got two chapters this week, making the experience really amazing! Hopefully, though, we will get a new chapter next week.

Goumon really is a scary and creepy sadist! I did not even know of the torture method that he described involving the goat. Hearing of that method drained the blood out of my face. When he was about to slice Lucy Heartfilia in half, I knew then that she would eventually be rescued. I was anticipating:

A. Natsu Dragneel to overpower his binds and rescue her,
B. Gajeel Redfox and Levy McGarden to bust into the scene and rescue her,
C. A celestial spirit (Horologium or Leo) to cross their gates and rescue her, or
D. Erza Scarlet to bust into the scene and rescue her.

Correct answer?

E. None of the above.

It was actually Gray Fullbuster, who froze Goumon, thus rescuing Lucy. He was #TeamFairyTail all along and calls someone over his lacrima wireless phone or something, while referring to himself as “Code Blue”. *breathes a sigh of relief* He then goes to declare a “code red”. It turns out, Gray was undercover on a mission to infiltrate Avatar, along with his companion: ERZA “FREAKING!” SCARLET!!! Queen Titania is back!!


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