Understanding What Has Come to Pass

Why do feelings still persist? Do they indeed persist or are they mere figments of emotional imagination? Are they meant to be born on their own? Aren’t emotions controlled by people? Are they as free as the eagle soaring the skies? Or the wild horses running across the open plains?

Are emotions enduring? Is their existence that difficult to grasp? How deep should they run? Like the vast ocean beneath the surface? Like the endless sky that the earth falls under? As vast and infinitely expanding as celestial space?

Don’t they ever die? Don’t they ever fade? If they do, are they absolutely gone? Do their fingerprints smudge the heart? Do these smudges eventually clear out without any trace of what has passed? By any chance, does the heart grow invulnerable to emotions’ fingerprints?

The Closing of the Heart

I believe that in every guy’s life, there comes a time when he decides to close his heart. Primarily, the purpose of such is to shun out feelings or the ability to feel. But how can one do this when feelings stem from within, which will eventually affect that which was sealed. It totally beats the purpose. It’s more probable to seal the outside world from one’s heart. But just how do you seal a heart so it wouldn’t feel the emotions it rouses? You make a sealed chamber within your heart where you put all emotions? Which part of the heart is the main component for feeling, anyway? If we know this, then it would be easy to separate which from which.

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