Sinking of Japan

I’ve watched numerous flicks of the doomsday genre all throughout my life. I must have unconsciously considered these types of films as one of my favourite movie genres since I always feel that nagging urge to watch one whenever one comes out.

There are various premises used in these “end-of-the-world” science fiction films. We have the famous “asteroid-hitting-Earth” theme of Armageddon and Deep Impact. There’s the failure of the inner core of the Earth to spin in The Core. Then, we the deadly climate and weather changes in The Day After Tomorrow.

If you notice the trend in disaster movies, most have refocused from the whole world in general, to specific countries or places and would usually involve local natural disasters. Examples would be Twister, Tornado!, and finally, Sinking of Japan.

Kou Shibasaki as Reiko Abe in the movie. She's a beautiful disaster squad rescuer!

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