Merry Christmas! (2012)

Happy holidays!
GOD be with us all.
Cheers! 😀

O Holy Night by Mariah Carey

This is one of the versions of this song that I listen to before going to bed. It’s a great reminder that, despite the commercialization of Christmas, its core purpose is to commemorate the birth of Christ, our Savior.

This version may be over the top for others, but it’s actually fine for me. It gets me teary-eyed every time. 😀

Project Festive :D

It’s 29 days before Christmas! LESS than a month! It’s amazing how time just goes by and you don’t really notice it with all the things that preoccupy your mind.


I don’t exactly remember when, but I just stopped decorating and being festive in the house when Christmastime comes. Was that in college? After college graduation? Looking back, I would say I was content just seeing my municipality and the nearby city full of Christmas decor. Those served as my sources of the “Christmas atmosphere”. Christmas decorations have gotten expensive. Since the municipal and city government could afford them, why not let them do the work of spreading holiday cheer to their constituents? 😛

But for this year, it seems I want something different. I want to bring back the excitement of decorating the house for Christmas! I want the Christmas atmosphere inside my home!

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Irritated Over the Early Observance of Christmas

early-christmas-in-the-philippinesIt’s the first day of September, and you know what that means (at least here in the Philippines): The start of the Christmas season!!

I know, I know—it’s extremely premature; but that’s just the way it is here.

The “-ber” or “ber-ber” months (September, October . . . ) have become indicators of the upcoming holiday season. Already on the first day of September, radio stations play Christmas carols/jingles. TV stations also showcase holiday icons on their programs. Communities jump in and start putting up Christmas decorations. Of course for now, all of these are done at a very minimal pace: You hear a Christmas carol on the radio just once every week, TV programs show only one holiday-themed episode per month, and just a couple of decors are displayed in homes.

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The Real Reason for the Season

I received this text message from my friend last night:

SANTA: Ano po
problema Jesus?
JESUS: Nagseselos ako sa iyo
SANTA: Sa akin? Bakit po?
JESUS: Kasi, ikaw ang mas
inaabangan ng mga tao sa
birthday ko.
—Sad but true!

English translation:

SANTA: What's the
problem, Lord Jesus?
JESUS: I'm jealous of you.
SANTA: Me? Why?
JESUS: Well, people anticipate
you more than me on
my birthday.

Don’t forget the real reason for the season.