My 24th Birthday . . .

. . . is just right. It ain’t spectacular, but it ain’t bad either. I woke up at 4:00AM and saw a lunar eclipse—characterized by a bloody-red moon—and thought that this may be nature’s way of sending her greeting. I checked my Facebook profile and voila! . . . birthday greetings started coming in! I ate a little breakfast, went out to jog around my hometown, and then joined a Tae Bo class at my university. I went home immediately afterward, and opened my Facebook account again. More greetings! Commented, liked, and thanked the people who remembered; more accurately, those who saw Facebook’s birthday notification and took the time to go to my wall to greet me. 😀

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My life is in a rut (and there’s no hope in sight!).

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to me!


In my last birthday, I felt <a title="Dejection at 22 <dejected. Now, I’m in the pits. I embraced this year with a hope that everything will turn out for the better. So far, I lost a lot.

I lost my father barely at the beginning of the year. I lost six other relatives after my father’s death within a span of just five months. Suspicious of these deaths, I considered that the rapture (mystical transportation in Christian beliefs) may already be happening.

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Canon of 22nd Birthday Messages

Belated happy birthday to me.



Anyway, I’d like to publish the text messages I recieved on my birthday yesterday:

Res advance hapi
bday! bka wla ako
loadsa tues kya grit
na kta. hehe. god bles!
Cherry Ann S. Simbulan

hapi bday (^-^) in
advance.. hope u’l
always b happy..
Analyn P. Balintag

Those were the earliest greeters…

Hapi birthday!
Junelyn C. Alawas

Res hapi birthday!
more blesngs para sau
ngaung bday m. god
bles and have a nice
day! (“,)
Cherry Ann S. Simbulan

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Dejection at 22

Happy birthday to me.


Another year of my life has gone by. And it wasn’t that productive. Sure, I was able to initiate “some” projects but that’s that. Just “some” projects. Nothing outstanding or impressive.

I never thought that upon reaching your 22nd birthday, you could feel bored. I know I should get a job but I can’t seem to find opportunities to pursue the career that I like. Heck, I don’t even have the talent for it. Sure, I could go back to school but my parents cannot support a second degree due to the high cost of education these days. So I have to find a job–any job and work for maybe two years, resign, then pursue the degree that I really like. What bothers me is that maybe by the time I have had earned enough for my studies, I would be too old to back to school and take up another degree.

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