Fairy Tail 435: Shout of Victory Chapter Assessment

Alas! This is the first chapter of the last set of two-part chapter releases for Fairy Tail. But who knows? We might get other future two-part chapter releases!

Anyway, it is all positive and all smiles in this chapter! Natsu Dragneel has defeated one of the Yakuma 18 War Gods: Ikusatsunagi. It was a majestic feat, something akin to Erza defeating 100 A-, B-, and C-class monsters, and an S-class monster during the Grand Magic Games—probably even more! Considering that Ikusatsunagi was gigantic and as a size comparison, Natsu looked like a fly on Ikusatsunagi’s sword! I guess this arc was made to showcase Natsu’s ability and how much he has gotten stronger in one year. Also, it showcases the other Fairy Tail members’ magical and combat growth.

As I was expecting, Gajeel Redfox, Pantherlily, and Levi McGarden would show up together with the soldiers of the Magic Council after Avatar was defeated. Typical. Nevertheless, it was great that they got to be reunited! And with Gajeel and Natsu seeing each other after a year, hilarity ensues! I just could not believe that Natsu still underestimates Gajeel! And Erza Scarlet, too! They both thought Gajeel did not have it in him to be an officer of the Magic Council! Ha! Ha!


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Bleach 626: The Holy Newborn Chapter Assessment

Again, this chapter of Bleach is despairing.

As if I was not used to it. I really should stop expecting Bleach to be comedic now. However, we do see a small dose of funny, chibi moments, but that is all.

Yhwach has completed “absorbing” the Soul King and has now turned into… HOLY CRAP!! A seven-eyed being? No, a multi-eyed being! A monster? I do not know, but he does look frightening. Really frightening that even his subordinates, except for Jugram Haschwalth, look surprised at what has become of Yhwach. Jugram also states that “this world would not exist” without Yhwach. So technically, Yhwach has become the new “Soul King”.

That part made me depressed again because how then, will Ichigo Kurosaki and all the other Shinigami would be able to defeat Yhwach? I said it before, I will say it again: you might as well end Bleach now because everything looks hopeless. I doubt Ichigo has enough power to wipe out Yhwach and his henchmen. Sōsuke Aizen? I do not think so.

Even so I said the aforementioned, I still like to read Bleach to find out what happens. This has gone on so long that it would be a shame to miss this last arc (if I am not mistaken, it is the last arc).


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Tale of Fairy Tail Ice Trail / Koori no Kiseki 10: The Forest Incident Chapter Assessment

Young Gray Fullbuster continues his hilarious adventures with Pause Lightless and Doronbo. Actually, if it was not for Doronbo, Gray and Pause’s travel to Magnolia would have been boring. Doronbo is actually the clown among the three, and there is no dull moment with Doronbo around. Doronbo’s wide-open eyes, creepy grin, and exaggerated surprised reactions are really enjoyable in this chapter! Ha! Ha!

Of course, Doronbo’s antics would not be funny if it were not for Gray’s irritable personality. He is easily annoyed with Doronbo’s behavior and the ensuing slapstick comedy is something to really crack for! 😀

Pause is still the same laid back, humble, and book-wormish mage character we met last chapter. He is the opposite of Doronbo and is not bothered at all by his antics, unlike Gray. You can say that Pause is the catalyst that keeps Gray and Doronbo together.

This chapter is an avenue for a bit of a backstory on Doronbo and provides for his character development. As a thief, Doronbo is actually a scaredy-cat but says it helps him in his role since it helps him react to danger in an instance, more like a “spider sense” (referencing The Amazing Spider-Man). It is also revealed that Doronbo was once a part of a gang of thieves who, because of his doing, was captured and he had no other recourse but to run away.


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Fairy Tail Zero 10: Law Chapter Assessment

With Yury Dreyar being taken over by a skeleton dragon, something definitely has to be done to save him. This is Mavis Vermillion’s resolve, in addition to also saving the people of Magnolia.

I said before that I was disappointed in the magical abilities of Mavis, being the founder and first guild master of the strongest guild in all of Fiore: Fairy Tail. However, looking at and thinking about it now, I guess it is not so bad at all. Everything starts out small and insignificant. It is through years and years of struggle and ideals passed down through generations that one grows into something worthwhile and amazing. Everything is connected, after all. So, seeing Mavis with magical abilities not suited for battle (although she learned spells from Zeref) and still striving to save her friend in a dire situation is one amazing feat! I know that Mavis would eventually step up with her magical abilities. For now, the foundation of the Fairy Tail guild is not really magical power or strength; rather, it is the care and conviction to be there for your nakama/friends when they need you. Magical abilities are just secondary to having the courage to stand up and protect the bonds/relationships you formed with others.


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“Anywhere But Here” by Christina Aguilera

Note: This lyric video is unlisted on the Republic Records YouTube page. This means that although the video is public, it will not show up on the “What to watch” or “Suggestions” portion of YouTube. It does not even show up on the Republic Records YouTube videos list. Only those who have the YouTube link will be able to watch it. So, share the video link (select-copy-paste) if you want others to listen to this song with the lyrics! 🙂

YouTube link: youtu.be/ewmRSKDUQ8g

I actually did not know that Finding Neverland was adopted into a stage musical in 2012 and 2014. However, I do remember watching the 2004 film, from which this musical was inspired from.  That 2004 film, however, was not a musical and thus, did not have this song. I believe this song was originally created for the revised musical, which will open this year on Broadway. I have not even heard the original version of this song, since as far as I know, there is no compilation album release of the musical’s song numbers. I am not even sure if “Anywhere But Here” is an original song of the 2012 and 2014 stage musical runs, or if it is a new song of the revised, 2015 run.

Anyway, original song interpretation by Christina Aguilera or not, it sounds amazing!

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