Mother’s Day 2013

It was the long-standing endurance.
It was the patience despite anxiety.
It was allowing yourself to take the enormous burden.
It was the feelings you had for me within you.

I might never know how you actually see me.
Always, will I see you as my steady torch.
I may never understand your frustrations.
Always will I strive to make you proud.

For it was you who cradled this life.

It was the firm hands that pulled my little arms that I now walk.
It was the anger in every one of my illnesses that I now am strong.
It is the unstoppable force in my frustrations that I now am determined.
Most of all,
It is the smile and laughter in everyday that I feel,
Now and for life,

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Tranquil Eyes

Thou art the core of mine moral fibre
Gone before thine time,
Yet living in mine reminiscence.

Thou wilt be with me for I mirror thou
Hitherto remain mine own self
In the passage of this life.

May thou be at peace and rest, so serene.
In so doing, we down here
Live with tranquil eyes and laughter.

I may never live to thy expectations
And thou may have fallen short of mine,
But isn’t that the use of forgiveness?

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For 2013


A grown life from life;
Seemingly insignificant yet still,
Vital for the entirety’s existence.

With renewed esteem,
It aspires for new heights:
To be one amongst stars.

Aid and guidance it will then provide
For the entirety to grow
And for it to reach the heavens.

Never waning, never will fade;
Will cry and sing, will stumble and glow;
Let the new season bring it all out:

Let it begin.

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Uncertainty of Life

It hit me one of these days. Years have passed and it comes only now. No matter how much you plan, how determined you are, and/or how you’ve built yourself up to be continually motivated, life will always have surprises. Both the good and the bad. No problem with the good; it’s the bad that really knocks you out. Like huge ocean waves crushing you against solid rock. Many times, aspirations/dreams/goals have been killed before they could even breathe. It’s all part of life’s uncertainty.

Which, of course, does not indicate that we give up. We continue to plan, we survive one day, and the next, and so forth; we go on living. Why? Pointless as it may be, the longing for the accomplishment of such aspirations/dreams/goals ignites the flame to live. To survive one day, and the next, and so forth. To stick to our plans and adapt it to life ever-changing. This longing, more fittingly referred to as struggling (the struggle), teaches us all that we should know so we will be ready and fully enjoy, when the time comes, breathing our destinies.

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RIP: June 2005 – 01 April 2010

“Parting is such sweet sorrow,”
Goes Shakespeare’s famous irony.

But honeyed it never was for us
Not for you, and for that, not for me.

Your absence forevermore
I endure as penance

That carelessness on mine
Finally be banished.

Thus, to stories we had,

whispers to your ear
strokes on your face
thrusts to your control
pressures so light
plunges in union
sighs and breaths
coupled for life.

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