RH Law Encourages (not Promotes) Pre-Marital Sex

The Reproductive Health Law does not promote pre-marital sex, but it does encourage it. The very thought that contraceptives or “protection” from conception is available “free” gives rise to an uninhibited, sexual mentality outside of matrimony. People will all the more be encouraged to engage in pre-marital sex because contraceptives are “just there for the taking”. All the more for teenagers – they will have more cunning to engage in acts that they shouldn’t be doing because “a pregnancy will not happen”.

A law that gives married couples the choice to space childbirths may be good, but to include people outside of wedlock disintegrates society’s values. Why give those who are about to engage in pre-marital sex access to contraceptives? Are we that sex-starved now that we cannot control our urges and reserve them for wedlock anymore? Why do we tolerate these pre-marital sex incidences?

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Tutol sa RH Law

Kami ay hindi sumasang-ayon sa kaisipan na gumamit ng mga pumipigil sa pagbubuntis.

Partikular, hindi kami sumasang-ayon sa kaisipan na gawing bukas para sa mga magkaparehang hindi pa kasal ang paggamit ng mga pumipigil sa pagbubuntis.

Ang pang-matagalang implikasyon ng daang ito ay: pati na ang mga magkaparehang hindi pa kasal ay maaari nang makipagtalik na hindi inaalala ang posibilidad ng pagbubuntis. Ito ay sa halip ng pagtitimpi at pagpigil sa pakikitagtalik para sa katatapos na matrimonyo.

Dito, pumapasok sa isipan ang kabataang Pilipino: mga tinedyer at tweens, at lahat ng umaabot hanggang edad 39. Bagama’t saklaw ng Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012 o RH Law ang kalusugan sa pagbubuntis at pampag-anak, at edukasyon ukol sa seksuwalidad para sa mga nasa gulang, mga mag-aaral, at mga bata; ito ay hindi garantiya ng isang kontroladong kulturang seksuwal. Hinahayag at pinahihintulutan lamang nito ang mga maaaring pagpilian.

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The Battered Catholic Faith

For 25 years of being a Roman Catholic, I’ve come to conclude that we, the Catholic Church, will always be under fire.

People from other sects and religions, agnostics, and atheists all label us as traditional and old-fashioned, close-minded thinkers, hypocrites, and enforcers of own beliefs and values. This is accompanied by an overwhelming amount of hate and sometimes, attempts to eradicate the Catholic Faith from one’s society.

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Losing Loved Ones at Christmas

Not everything that happens at Christmastime is happy and festive. There are times when even sadness occurs. Some people go through trying times like losing a job, a business, having no money spend for the holidays, losing a home, losing a beloved pet, and the most painful of all: losing a loved one, particularly a family member. This paints a contradicting scene for the Yuletide season: a bereaving family set against a sea of happy and rejoicing people.

It is a painful thought for the Christmas season but it is true: there are those families who unfortunately, lose a family member at the most joyous time of the year. There are a rare some who also lose part of their family at Christmas eve. What a way to spend Christmas, indeed!

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Thankful 2012

I am thankful I am still living. If you are reading this now, it’s the 22nd of November 2012, as indicated on the timestamp of this blog post. I am 25 years old and am blogging from our home. That means I have been living for 25 long years now and still have a house to go home to. Thank you LORD for this blessing.

I am thankful that I have a computer for me to navigate the web and do that things I love to do online. Eight years ago, I didn’t have a computer. Then, by the end of 2004, my dad bought me a desktop computer. I had it for seven years; it conked out last year. Thankfully, I was able to buy a replacement — a Samsung laptop computer. I am so satisfied with its specifications, which are a big leap from my previous desktop computer with specs belonging to circa 2000 (single core, Windows XP, no graphics card, DDR1 memory, etc.) 😛

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