The Old Reader: A Short-Lived Affair

The-Old-Reader-going-privateUpdate: The Old Reader announced that they will remain public after all.  I’m still testing out Bloglovin, though: Follow my blog with Bloglovin.

It’s another sad week.

Yesterday, I saw a notification on my The Old Reader page saying that they took down the “Donate” button and that they were going private.  I was initially alarmed after reading the “… going private” page so I headed over to their blog.  Sure enough, I saw their heart-breaking announcement: The Old Reader is going to be a private RSS Aggregator for the developers’ families and friends, those who already donated, & those who signed up before March 31, 2013.

I am neither related or friends with any of the three developers.  I haven’t donated to them in the past.  I also am not one of the privileged few who signed up for their service before March 31, 2013 either; although I wish I did.

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Matthew 4:19 | Pro-Life Sunday

Come after me and I will make you fishers of men.

Today is also Pro-Life Sunday. As such, here is a video I found on YouTube that celebrates GOD-given life:

Video Source

Bye-bye! :(

This is my last post from my Full Support Gamer gaming blog. Moving forward, all gaming-related blog posts will be published here.

Yeah, I’m also a gamer. I am a lot of things. 🙂

Full Support Gamer

screenValhalla194-pRO-Valhalla-closesI regret to say that this is a short-lived blog.

Silly me. I shouldn’t have hoped that the Valhalla Server would last for as long as Philippine Ragnarok Online (pRO) would be up. In case you’re lost on what I’m talking about, the Valhalla Server of pRO closed on the evening of the 28th of January, 2013 (Monday). MY beloved server … OUR beloved server … gone.

To make matters worse, it was announced that accounts from the Valhalla Server would be merged with accounts from New Loki, aka “server merge”, and the new server resulting from such would be named, New Loki. Not much inspiration in naming; they reasoned out that the alphabetical order of the two server names was the basis.

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A Tour of AM and FM Radio Networks

I know this blog post should strictly remain within my Communications Odyssey blog, but I felt compelled to share it on my main blog (this blog) anyway. 😛

Communications Odyssey

Earlier in the year, January 02 to be exact, me and a couple of my Master in Development Communication classmates had a radio tour of two radio networks in Baguio City. One is an AM network while the other is an FM network. Actually, both radio networks are under the same broadcasting company.

I am thankful for that particular assignment because it was far more educational to witness radio networks in actual operations. Plus, we got to converse with people who are actually in and have a lot of experience in the field.

Here is my (informational) vlog about our radio tour:

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Punctuation Lessons from Webcomics

I was going over and stumbled upon a neat webcomic on how to use semicolons. The semicolon is often a confusing punctuation mark that most people learning English writing fail to grasp. Indeed, making a graphic lesson on semicolon-use instills deeper understanding and retention. I’m a fan of the use of graphics and imagery in teaching; it’s a great enhancer for learning.

In case you didn’t know, a webcomic is … obviously, a website with comics as its main content. These are usually created by independent and self-publishing comic illustrators. There is a lot of variety in webcomics, instead of the traditional funny strips with one-liner punchlines. They can be avante garde, graphic novels, lite comics, and in the case of the following strip from The Oatmeal, educational.

Click How to use a semicolon – The Oatmeal to view the comic strip on semicolon-use.