Fairy Tail 435: Shout of Victory Chapter Assessment

Alas! This is the first chapter of the last set of two-part chapter releases for Fairy Tail. But who knows? We might get other future two-part chapter releases!

Anyway, it is all positive and all smiles in this chapter! Natsu Dragneel has defeated one of the Yakuma 18 War Gods: Ikusatsunagi. It was a majestic feat, something akin to Erza defeating 100 A-, B-, and C-class monsters, and an S-class monster during the Grand Magic Games—probably even more! Considering that Ikusatsunagi was gigantic and as a size comparison, Natsu looked like a fly on Ikusatsunagi’s sword! I guess this arc was made to showcase Natsu’s ability and how much he has gotten stronger in one year. Also, it showcases the other Fairy Tail members’ magical and combat growth.

As I was expecting, Gajeel Redfox, Pantherlily, and Levi McGarden would show up together with the soldiers of the Magic Council after Avatar was defeated. Typical. Nevertheless, it was great that they got to be reunited! And with Gajeel and Natsu seeing each other after a year, hilarity ensues! I just could not believe that Natsu still underestimates Gajeel! And Erza Scarlet, too! They both thought Gajeel did not have it in him to be an officer of the Magic Council! Ha! Ha!


Apparently, the whole Gajeel-entering-the-Magic-Council was initiated by Warrod Sequen. And apparently, Warrod only asked Gajeel in the usual way Warrod does with other people: as a joke! So now we know, Gajeel is one to take jokes seriously and in a way that you actually mean them to him. So dangerous! But I think Gajeel’s coolness factor went straight up when we found out that he is part of the Magic Council. I mean, who knew!?

And then, there is Erza who knocks Gajeel in the head (she thought it was a Gajeel lookalike at first), and we think that Erza might be in trouble for rapping an officer of the Magic Council. He! He!


And then, we see a side of Gray Fullbuster that surprised us: finding Frosch and finding the Exceed extremely cute! Oh no! Alert! Alert! Future Rouge’s warning! Natsu! Do something! But for some reason, nothing bad happens! Gray fawns over Frosch, which makes Juvia Lockser and Rogue Cheney jealous. Everything actually turned out fine! Fate has been altered!

Gray Fullbuster fawns over Frosch, much to Natsu Dragneel’s surprise.

There was that one instance though, when Rogue’s shadow darkened but then, lightened back. So I guess, this ends the warning and the potential timeline wherein, according to Future Rouge, Frosch was killed by Gray. *gasp of ease*

Rogue Cheney’s shadow ominously darkens… then lightens back.

Lastly, when the scene with Jerome being taken away was shown and he exclaimed that “those are Gray’s friends” while being shaken, I felt pity for him. It was like he wanted to have the kind of friends that Gray has, but did not get it while being in Avatar. 😦


Chapter Disappointment: None at all.

Chapter Approval: The chapter title says it all: Victory! Sweet, glorious victory! And also, we get two pages of a “group shot” of the Fairy Tail members! 🙂

Chapter Witticism: Comedy galore. I specially loved the paging where Gajeel was showing off to Natsu and then suddenly, in the next page, he gets rapped on the head by Erza! Ha! Ha! And Natsu (despite being possibly stronger than Erza) and Happy are still frightened that Erza is pissed, even it is not on them. I also loved the Gajeel takes jokes like you really mean them. Wahahaha!!

Chapter Cliffhanger: The next chapter’s title, Memoirs, is interesting. The Fairy Tail members going down memory lane? The side texts in this chapter indicate that a big secret is going to be revealed in the next chapter… so, I’m pumped!


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