Fairy Tail 434: Crumbling Fist Chapter Assessment

This is one amazing chapter! Definitely a Fairy Tail chapter that emphasizes familial and friendship bonds and the drive to become stronger to protect those you hold dear: everything that the Fairy Tail guild has been all this time.

Again, the focus is on Natsu Dragneel as he attempts to take down the gigantic Ikusatsunagi. That scene of him running through Ikusatsunagi’s blade while being watched by Erza Scarlet is reminiscent of a similar scene during the Oracion Seis arc (Chapter 147: Guild of Hope, pages 15 to 17). Pages nine up to the end were emotionally-charged with Natsu in focus. In particular, page 13, the one that showed a flashback of Igneel, the Flame Dragon King and the adoptive father of Natsu. Man! That was one heck of a flashback! I still remember that chapter wherein Igneel died at the hands of Acnologia, and was witnessed by Natsu (Chapter 414: Drops of Flame). Very heartbreaking! I still wish the dragons in Fairy Tail are in existence.

Nevertheless, it was a triumphant chapter indeed! Ikusatsunagi was defeated and Arlock, along with the members of Avatar were taught a lesson on valuing your companions and the relationships established with them. It is one of those chapters that will put a smile on your face. 😀


Chapter Disappointment: Again, nothing to be disappointed about here. Before Natsu got to punch Ikusatsunagi’s forehead, I was thinking, maybe it would end up a “Fail!” moment like in past chapters. Thankfully, it was not.

Chapter Approval: In the words of Erza, Natsu has “really become a lot stronger”! Also, this chapter did not have a hint of despair with the arrival of an overwhelming enemy. *cough* *cough* *bleach* *cough* The members of Fairy Tail were actually smiling while watching and listening to Natsu’s self-proclamation to protect those who are dear to him. In addition, seeing Erza smile and blush while watching Natsu… I don’t know… it stirs up a romantic angle between those two… well, from my perspective.

Chapter Witticism: None, really. But nothing to be disappointed about, either.

Chapter Cliffhanger: The next chapter indicates celebration, rejoicing, and happy times! 🙂



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