Fairy Tail 433: Ikusatsunagi Chapter Assessment

This is mostly an action-filled chapter that confirmed my earlier assumption: The purification ritual involves sacrificing the lives of the guild members of Avatar, and not really the inhabitants of Malva City.

In this chapter, we see Natsu Dragneel going up against a guild master, again. A rather nice action sequence ensues, with a dash of comic relief: Natsu smashed against Arlock’s magical barrier. 😉 In the end, Natsu is able to overwhelm Arlock’s barriers and takes him down. Then, Arlock, an obvious summoner, calls forth Ikusatsunagi, one of the Yakuma 18 War Gods, whatever that is. And, he is huge! He actually reminds me of Elfman Strauss’ Full-Body Take Over: Beast Soul, that spell where Elfman takes over the image and abilities of the “king of monsters”. It made me think that maybe Elfman would make an appearance. (He did not.)

Anyway, I loved this chapter and because it is the first part of a two-part chapter release, we get to see what happens next! 🙂 😀


Chapter Disappointment: Nothing to be disappointed about here.

Chapter Approval: Natsu has become overpowered! At long last, we can hope for immediate finishes to battles and that he can easily overcome setbacks of powerful antagonists. That, or Avatar is probably just a weak enemy.

Fairy-Tail-Chapter-433-Page-19-Ikusatsunagi resembles Elfman's Full-Body Take Over: Beast Soul
Ikusatsunagi resembles Elfman’s Full-Body Take Over: Beast Soul

Chapter Witticism: Just that image of Natsu’s face against Arlock’s barrier. 😛

Chapter Cliffhanger: It looks like Natsu is going to take down Ikusatsunagi THE GIANT IKUSATSUNAGI by himself. Let’s see him do that…


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