Bleach 625: Living Jaguar Chapter Assessment

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez is back and he is looking to be in top form! The panther has truly returned!

Not just him, actually. We also see Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, who still has an obvious crush on Ichigo. And, she is in her adult form! All thanks to the genius that is Kisuke Uraha, we are going to see Nel Tu mostly in her adult form. Sweet! And with Nel Tu around, we see Orihime Inoue innocently blushing jealously. Typical love triangle that will never see the light of day as Bleach will NEVER focus on the protagonists’ romantic relationships. Oh well.

Not only do we get appearances from former Espada Arrancar, we also get a couple of former Xcution Fullbringers: Riruka Dokugamine and Yukio Hans Vorarlberna. I actually did not bother to comprehend their roles and abilities, The Valley of Screams, and whatnot. All I know is that Riruka and Yukio have abilities that can be used to move through The Valley of Screams in order to get to the Soul King Palace and launch a surprise attack.

How they are going to attack and best Yhwach and his constituents, I do not know. If we are to compare Yhwach and Ichigo’s teams based on strength and power, Yhwach is still in the win. 😦


Chapter Disappointment: None. It was great seeing old faces and hopefully, they’ve grown with their own abilities and hopefully will be able to stop the threat before them.

Chapter Approval: More comic relief! This is the Bleach that I love! It has just gotten very emotive and melancholic ever since. I do love the sophistication that the melancholia brings, but it can be just too much sometimes.

Chapter Witticism: Nel Tu with her signature big boobs and Ichigo Kurosaki stating the obvious: Him being the only one who does not know EVERYTHING! Ha! Ha!

Chapter Cliffhanger: Looks like Yhwach has finished absorbing the Soul King. Uh-oh!






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