Fairy Tail of the Dead Meeeeeeeeen Omake Assessment

If you would love to read this omake, but could not find an English scan of it on the Internet, you can read it on this forum post. Just click on “Mostrar” (Spanish, translates to “show”) to expand the post.

I love all of the Fairy Tail omake as it allows Fairy Tail characters to go out of their comfort zones. They portray scenes we do not usually see in the canonical manga chapters. Particularly, they act out scenes that fans would love to see in an official, although not canonical, Fairy Tail manga. So, in a sense, the omake issues (of Fairy Tail) are fan-services. 🙂

Before I go on, let me point out that this omake’s title has nine (9) letter “E”s in the “Men”. Just in case you were wondering and could not properly distinguish and count the “E”s in that long “Meeeeeeeeen”.

This particular omake, as can be gleaned from the cover, has a zombie structure to its story. Thankfully, it does not involve getting eaten or bitten by infected/zombified characters. However, the simple act of being smelt by an infected or in this case, Ichiya-fied person, is just so CREEPY!! Really!? Being smelt on!?

Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki, with his warped sense of the concept of handsome plus his Perfume Magic, has come up with an “ultimate perfume”. This gets accidentally poured down a drain, with its essence then being spread around Magnolia. The essence changes people’s faces into Ichiya’s image and makes them act like zombies, sans the gore and morbidities.


Everyone, including the Fairy Tail mages are affected with this horrible essence. Their faces turn into Ichiyas and they somewhat lose their identities. They also develop a bloodlust smelling lust and thus, smell unaffected persons, which naturally, spreads the Ichiya virus. However, as mages, they retain their magical abilities. So, although Laxus Dreyar was Ichiya-fied and behaves like a zombie, he still remains as one of the strongest Fairy Tail mages.

One of the most disturbing scenes in this omake, I found in two panels. One is kinky, while the other is just downright disturbing. The kinky one would be Lucy Heartfilia’s facial expression when Natsu Dragneel and Happy were trying to conceal their scents under Lucy’s bunny outfit. It. Just. Looks. Like. HENTAI!

The other disturbing scene would be when Alzack Connell and Bisca Connell (née Mulan) were about to kiss. However, when their lips touched, their faces were turned into Ichiyas! Ichiya. Kissing another Ichiya. *feels sick*

The only remaining survivors are Natsu, Happy, Lucy, Wendy Marvell, and Carla. Thankfully, Natsu remembers Erza Scarlet telling him about a deodorant lacrima, which he first tries on Laxus. It works out and we then fast track to see Magnolia back to normal.

Chapter Disappointment: None.

Chapter Approval: Everything! It’s nice to see Fairy Tail comically rattled up like this!

Chapter Witticism: Mirajane Strauss with an Ichiya face. Also Laxus doing Ichiya’s signature, index-and-middle-fingers-together pose.

Chapter Cliffhanger: As stated above, Fairy Tail omake issues are fun. Cannot wait for the next omake! 😀

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