The Voice (U.S. Season 8) Top 6 Instant Save Performance Personal Rankings


#TeamChristina, both Kimberly Nichole and India Carney, is in the Bottom 2, WHERE THEY DO NOT DESERVE TO BE IN!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!?

And worst of all: KIMBERLY WAS ELIMINATED!! WHAT THE F*CK!? A standout performer, gone in an instant!? Not to be disrespectful to India, but Team Xtina’s chances of winning in this season drastically decreased. And I was really hoping Christina would win this season! Without a seasoned performer, she just again, might lose.

Why did it have to be based largely on iTunes downloads, anyway? It is not the most accurate gauge of an artist’s flexibility and prominence. People’s musical preferences change over time; and so must artist’s musical abilities. Let’s just see if this season’s The Voice Season 8 winner will still be prominent after a couple of years. Hah! Sure, it’s called The Voice, in the sense that the vocals are given much focus. But once the artists expire their contracts with The Voice and get out in the real music business, vocals alone are not enough to sell records.

I couldn’t help but reflect, the earlier seasons of American Idol had a better voting system.

*sigh* Anyway, in modern singing competitions, it is the runners-up who outshine the winners of these shows. Cue:

…Avery Wilson…

…and Jacquie Lee.

2. India Carney – “Perfect”

She started off great: fluid and in control. However, when she got to the chorus, things just went a little awry, in the vein as what happened to Sonic in the Live Playoffs (Episode 15). Still pulled it off though, but you can feel that that performance will NOT save her. However, she was the one who was instantly saved.

1. Kimberly Nichole – “Seven Nation Army”

Kimberly was in control the whole time. Even without stage props and dancers / background singers, she rocked the stage! She should have been the one to be instantly saved. Whatever went wrong, from the song promotion to the people voting on the show, it definitely is DAMN WRONG!!

It was heartbreaking that Kimberly and India had to battle it out against each other for instant save votes, being on the same team. *sigh*

Here is another Kimberly Nichole performance of “Dirty Diana”. She rocks!

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