The Voice (U.S. Season 8) Top 6 Personal Rankings

We are getting close to the finale and I do hope this will turn out to be an amazing season for The Voice (U.S.A.). With an awesome pool of talent, it gets difficult to pick favorites! But anyway, here are my personal picks from the remaining Top 6 artists:

6. Sawyer Fredericks – “Take Me to the River”

I’m not used to seeing Sawyer perform an upbeat song; well, not that upbeat, but probably upbeat for his usual style. He did have a very strong vocal delivery on this song. However, with a song like this, you really have to groove it. There were times when I thought he would attempt to dance, but he did not. I guess it just was not his style to sing and groove / sing and dance. Good thing there were dancers in his performance, or else it would have looked awkward.

5. Koryn Hawthorne – “Dream On”

Oh my goodness! This was an amazing delivery! Really strong, powerful, edgy, and it had a great build-up; although not much at the end. There were also some words that were difficult to understand, but dang! That was one awesome vocal!

4. Joshua Davis – “Desire”

Awesome performance! Not enough to really stand out, but still very good! He deserves to go on! Plus, I really love his soft, whispery tone. I said it before, and I will say it again: I love to have a voice made up of Joshua’s manly and soft tones with Rob Taylor’s falsetto and deep bass.

3. Kimberly Nichole – “Dirty Diana”

Unfortunately, the video is not available on The Voice (U.S.A.) YouTube channel. Thankfully, here are some unofficial clips:

I love this fierce side of Kimberly! She totally rocks! She is a rocker! With the apparent rock/upbeat theme for song choices, I really wish she sang her coach’s song, “Fighter”, instead. That would have been awesome! There were moments when her vocal volume was overpowered by the electric guitars, especially in the end, but overall, still an awesome performance from a great performer! That on-your-knees-while-leaning-back position in the end and with all that smoke was EPIC!!

2. India Carney – “Lay Me Down”

Whoa! She killed it in this performance! And I must say, what an amazing comeback! She is back to show everyone that she is a frontrunner! After all the low points in her recent performances, she is coming out strong and powerful! It was a steady build-up, a resounding climax, and a calming resolution. That is how a performance should be!

1. Meghan Linsey – “Steamroller Blues”

This was one wild performance! The moments when she just went up there and belted out the notes were crazy! She really is another seasoned and great performer. With that, I am guessing it will be a showdown between two amazing performers in the end: Meghan Linsey versus Kimberly Nichole.


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