The Voice (U.S. Season 8) Top 6 Mother’s Day Dedication Personal Rankings

I felt that the Top 6’s dedication songs were better choices and turned out better performances than their regular Top 6 performances. Apparently, all they chose songs and performed them within their comfort zones but still, they really stood out. With that, there are changes from how I ranked them in my earlier post:

6. Meghan Linsey – “Amazing Grace”

There are many versions of this song (and I have listened to a lot of them), and thought that it would not be safe to have sung this. Still, it was a solid vocal and the solemn atmosphere of the stage blended well with how the song should be performed.

5. Sawyer Fredericks – “Shine On”

He is back to his guitar-playing and belting it out through the mic. I thought that this was a better performance than his “Take Me to the River” performance as it suits best with where he is now musically and as a person. He just is not the goofy type to take on up-tempo, dance-y beats.

4. Kimberly Nichole – “Free Fallin'”

Just, Wow! Wow! Wow! It is nice to see her in a seemingly laidback acoustic performance, but there is just no stopping that voice from soaring! It just sounded weird for her to sing something like this, but still, a great performance from a great performer!

3. Joshua Davis – “In My Life”

I thought this was a romantic performance from my man, Joshua! However, it seemed his wife did not feel it, what with that poker face! Ha! Ha! But still, you can feel it—his love and dedication, i.e.: “In my life, I loved you more.”

2. India Carney – “Glory”

Another, “Oh my goodness!” Gospel arrangements do suit her voice. Not just classically- and operatically-trained, but she’s got soul! She definitely is back to conquer and reclaim her frontrunner seat. I had the same reaction as her mother while watching her perform. Ha! Ha! She definitely has to one of those to be in the finals, along with Kimberly! #TeamXtinaFTW

1. Koryn Hawthorne – “Everybody Hurts”

This was a better performance than her “Dream On” set. She nailed the enunciation, the emotion, the stresses on strategic points of the song, and overall stage presence. Again, I just love the combination of rasp and spinto in her voice! She is a candidate to being a multi-platform/multi-genre artist!


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