The Voice (U.S. Season 8) Top 8 Instant Save Performance Personal Rankings

And that completes the Top 6 who will be battling it out again next week! I was so aghast when I saw India Carney as part of the Bottom Three. Personally, I do not think she should have been there. Between the three of them, I would choose India to be saved. I was so nervous that she would be eliminated in favor of the other two artists from Team Blake, Hannah Kirby and Corey Kent White. When Carson Daly said, “Closest vote ever!” I mistakenly heard the word, “closest” as “Corey”, which knocked the air out of me. I was at the edge of my seat! Thankfully, two Instant Save votes went through and led India to perform next week.

It was a shame to see Hannah go because she really has amazing potential, but that is just the way it is.

Anyway, let’s get on to rank the Instant Save Performances this week:

3. Corey Kent White – “Somebody Like You”

Corey should sing more familiar country tunes like this. I actually did enjoy listening to his version of this classic country song, which I often hear on the radio where I live. However, for his performance, I felt like there was a part of him that he kept holding back, which further made me feel like he was not giving it his all. He did have a good run on this show and he will still learn more about performance; kudos to him for all he had done so far on The Voice.

2. India Carney – “Human”

Although I favor India, I felt like she should have sung more stanzas/lyrics in this performance. Doing so would have trumped the longer performances of the other two in the Bottom Three. However, I do love the build-up she established from the beginning of the song, all the way to prolonged note towards the end, and then the soft, whispery resolution at the end. Glad that she was saved, REALLY!!

1. Hannah Kirby – “Radioactive”

I was into her performance! I really did enjoy it! She did not make it through though, which is unfortunate; but I am still glad India got saved! This is really a bittersweet choice: India or Hannah; because both are really good and really deserving. Hannah is outgoing while India is reserved. Love both!

Anyway, Hannah really poured angst into the song and rocked it out amazingly! A job well-done by her. I actually feel that she should have performed this instead of “We Don’t Need Another Hero”. I really love the loud and powerful rocker side of Hannah!

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