Fairy Tail 432: Braiya in Love Chapter Assessment

This second chapter released this week focuses on Lucy Heartfilia and Wendy Marvell & Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser. I knew Wendy and Juvia would turn up somehow sooner or later! Thankfully for Lucy, Wendy is able to counter Anomaly Magic with her Anomaly Reversal / Dispel spell. It would have painted a bad image if Lucy went down because of a virus after the awesomeness she displayed in the last chapter.

We also get to see what Braiya’s magic is. At first, I was trying to remember who Braiya is before it was highlighted that she was the dark-skinned lady who was so angry at Gray for lying to them. With the word, “love” in the title, I assumed she would have had fallen for Gray. And with Wendy present in the battle against the Avatar army (who should have been taking care of Juvia), we can assume that Juvia will show up and kick Braiya’s ass for being her love rival. Pfft! Too easy to predict, but nonetheless, fun and awesome! 🙂

I am really glad Fairy Tail is getting the highlight of being able to beat down the villains in a couple of chapters only, as opposed to before. It goes to show that they have really grown within a year.


Now, I was wondering where Gajeel Redfox and Levy McGarden are. A town was about to be attacked and the Magic Council’s forces do nothing. I guess they will show up much later. And I am guessing, they will show up when this “…Ikusatsunagi shakes the earth…”

With Arlock confident in saying that everything is going according to what was predicted, I theorize that: Instead of the whole town being offered for purification, it is the army of Avatar cultists that are being offered since they are being beaten up by Fairy Tail. This offertory would then give rise to “Ikusatsunagi”. Let’s see in the next double chapter next week!

Chapter Disappointment: If Lucy was taken down, then that would have been disappointing. But it did not happen so, none.

Chapter Approval: Fairy Tail FTW as usual!! Lucy is finally able to hold her ground and is no longer the weakest link in their team (with a little help from her friends). Wendy easily using Dragon Force.

Chapter Witticism: Gray and Juvia stripping down their tops together in the heat of battle. O.o Really!? Also, Braiya’s Clone Magic, which is actually just a split personality disorder embodied into four Braiyas, is something I really do not think can be considered “Black Magic”.

Chapter Cliffhanger: My theory that instead of offering the town for purification, it is actually the army of Avatar cultists that are being offered and that Fairy Tail is aiding in this “purification”, which would then give rise to “Ikusatsunagi”.


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