Fairy Tail 431: My Sword is… Chapter Assessment

I am so happy that again, we got two chapters this week! Makes all the waiting really worth it! Now, instead of releasing two chapters, why not release one 40-page chapter instead?

Anyway, from the chapter’s title, it was obvious that it is going to be about Erza Scarlet. However, when the panel with Jerome talking about his Dark Sword was shown, I was afraid that the chapter title referred to his sword and that we would have a long battle between him and Erza. Thankfully, that was not the case and we are treated to the awesomeness that is Erza—clad in a new armor with flying/dancing swords. Finally! But, it is a new armor, isn’t it? It’s like she used a similar technique of dancing swords before, but with a different armor. Anyway, her new swords do not let her enemies feel that they have been touched/cut; as such, they would have been bleeding without them knowing it. She looks awesomely fresh and badass after being absent for how many chapters!

Good thing the Fairies are not being beaten down now, unlike in chapters past where a single fight would take two to three chapters to complete with the spotlighted Fairy going through tough beatings before emerging victorious. Instead, in this chapter, Erza eliminates Jerome like he was nothing. As it turns out, this Avatar guild is nothing; then again, this is not even the main guild/headquarters.


With the spotlight mostly on the amazing Erza, it can be easy to forget about Lucy Heartfilia who also has her moment in the early pages of the chapter. Her Star Dress: Taurus Dress is actually equally amazing! Lucy has suddenly become stronger and is able to keep up with her teammates’ capability of wiping out tens and tens of Avatar army cultists. She also has a new area of effect spell: Earth Wave. I can see her weakness to be that if her celestial spirit whom she is acquiring the Star Dress from is defeated or if their time on Earthland has run out, she will have to lose the Star Dress ability or switch to another celestial spirit. Anyway, at least Lucy has developed stronger magic within one year. And again, Lucy in Taurus Form reminds me of slave girl Princess Leia from Star Wars.

This chapter definitely belongs to Lucy and Erza!

Chapter Disappointment: Nothing to be disappointed in here. Fairy Tail For The Win!!

Chapter Approval: Again, Fairy Tail FTW!! Also, hurray for Lucy’s Star Dress: Taurus Form and Erza’s new armor and dancing swords.

Chapter Witticism: Nothing, really funny; but nothing to be disappointed about, either.

Chapter Cliffhanger: Because this is the first of the two chapters released this week, we’re immediately off to the next chapter…!

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