The Voice (U.S. Season 8) Top 8 Personal Rankings

It has gotten really difficult now to pick favorite performances among the Top 8 of The Voice (U.S. Season 8). They all are so good; even those who did not shine early in the competition have improved both in performance and song interpretation. As such, I catered this list according to performances I would watch over and over, and whose song interpretations I would listen to on loop.

8. Corey Kent White – “When I See You Smile”

I love this song by Bad English, but I did not like this country-fied version of it. If it was another country artist who covered this, someone with a richer voice, I would have loved it. However, I just did not like Corey’s version. Nevertheless, Corey has come a long way with the way he performs; still not yet a pro, but definitely getting there.

7. Sawyer Fredericks – “Simple Man”

This was actually a solid performance, I just am not familiar with the song. I do wish Sawyer would interpret more of the Top 40 / familiar songs at present to cater to a wider audience. His power and rawness are definitely there, but there are times when you would be looking for other sounds and vocal inflections. At last, he too is starting to loosen up approach the audience. I love the way he looked at the audience and sang the line, “Follow your heart…” (2:02 in the video); he really dedicated it to his audience.

6. Joshua Davis – “Fields of Gold”

I really am a fan of his tone and whisper-y style but again, I am not familiar with the song. However, I would listen to this song and even learn it, just because of the way he sounds. I really wished he moved around a little while performing; otherwise, a really solid vocal. I like his display of guitar skills in the intro, awesome!

5. Hannah Kirby – “We Don’t Need Another Hero”

I was expecting Hannah to do another fiery performance, but she toned it down here, which felt very different to me. I guess I am now used to watching her rock the stage. Still, she displayed power and did rock the stage, albeit on a lesser amount of energy. Again, another solid performance.

4. Meghan Linsey – “Something”

Like Hannah, I was also expecting Meghan to rock the stage, but then stuck to controlled performance. I guess this was the theme for this week. Her display of power and vocal inflections are really amazing coming from someone on Team Blake. The powerful belts were really soaring and her falsettos were good. Like Kimberly, she is a definite seasoned performer; I would not be surprised if it came down to her and Kimberly in the finals.

3. Koryn Hawthorne – “Girl on Fire”

What I love about Koryn is the combination of vocal rasp and spinto (“pushed” / pulp). As I said in my earlier post, that is a rare combination I hear on singers these days. And in this stripped down version of Alicia Keys’ hit, she got to really showcase that combination. Include the power and paced delivery, and you have a killer vocal display.

2. India Carney – “Over the Rainbow”

I love Broadway and movie musical tunes, so I was really excited to hear how she would interpret this song. I have other favorites, but India did great on her own interpretation as well. She also had a more audible falsetto towards the song’s closing, which shows that she is capable of such as long as it is within range. That is exactly what she needs to do to not mess up her songs: stick within comfortable and confident range. Anyway, like the others on this list, another solid vocal!

P.S.: The YouTube video thumbnail looks great; she really is majestic in this performance!

1. Kimberly Nichole – “Creep”

I just love the way Kimberly interprets the songs given to her. She puts a lot of conviction in her voice, accentuated more with her facial expressions. But I really am more of a favorite of the fierce Kimberly who sings the “BIG” songs. I would like to hear her interpretation of upbeat tunes, like Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter”, Led Zeppelin’s “When Love and Hate Collide”, and Bon Jovi’s “All About Loving You”.


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