The Voice (U.S. Season 8) Top 10 Personal Rankings

The performances are getting tight. Everyone seems really good now that it has become difficult to pick your favorite performances/artists each week. You want everyone to stay, but because this is a competition, only one can stay. For this list, I just based it on the “WOW! moments” and how “close to perfection” each performance is.

10. India Carney – “Run to You”

Whitney Houston songs really are difficult to perform live. India started great that I thought she would nail this song through and through. She did; I just was not fond of her falsetto. Her vibrato is amazing, but it is also prominent in her falsetto, which makes it sound like she is unsure of her falsetto pitch. An integral part of Whitney Houston songs is the falsetto, which is strong, clear, and controlled in her songs. It just was not done right in this performance. India really needs to strengthen her falsetto voice.

9. Deanna Johnson – “Somebody to Love”

I thought Deanna did good in this performance. She is actually one of those artists who sing with a garbled, indie style, but you can still understand the words. There were some few pitch problems, but she did redeem herself in the second half of the performance where she just went out there and rocked the stage with her power.

8. Rob Taylor – “A Song for You”

I am actually sad that Rob was sent home early at this stage of the competition.

Rob actually started off great with the piano. I love his low register, which goes to show that he has an amazing range. After his bit at the piano when he just took the mic and walked around, there were instances where he lacked air to properly sing the words. Also, on that part, “…’cause my LOVE…” (01:57 in the video) where from chest voice, he transitions to falsetto, you can hear that it was not a smooth transition. He really should take notice of how he transitions vocal placement if he wants to keep singing chest-falsetto style. I still think his Blind Audition piece, “I Want You”, was a better song choice.

7. Corey Kent White – “Unwound”

The only thing I do not really dig is Corey’s lack of facial conviction in performances. Mostly, he keeps a poker face, then he suddenly throws in facial emotions, then back to a poker face, then smiles, etc… The song was okay, a straight-up country song I have not heard of, but it was, nevertheless, okay. His voice on country sounds like he is still a beginning country artist; for me personally, male country voices are deeply masculine with a very distinct twang.

6. Sawyer Fredericks – “Iris”

Sawyer conveys conviction through his eyes. His tone is undeniably young and as such, sounds indie, which is okay. But if he is to make a name in the music business, he does have to learn how to build a song from a small start to a resounding end; not just start off and end on consistently raw power.

5. Joshua Davis – “Hold Back the River”

Joshua sounds clearer in this performance! His tone is as amazing as ever. However, this song was just safe, that is all. No amazing moments, which is a shame since having a tone like that and showcasing it on huge notes on a song would have been incredible.

4. Hannah Kirby – “Shout”

Hannah is still amazing with her powerful voice. Really, this is one performance that I expect from her. She is truly consistent and does improve each week on a gradual pace, which is really the right thing to do. Definitely a standing-ovation-worthy performance.

3. Koryn Hawthorne – “Make it Rain”

This is one other performance by Koryn that I really love, aside from her interpretation of “How Great Thou Art”. She really put a lot of emotion and did control her vocal interpretation. Plus, her falsetto towards the end was so strong, I thought she should have been the one to sing “Run to You”. Also, I loved how after the performance, she thanked and bowed to her background singers. Truly a lovable kid!

2. Kimberly Nichole – “Something’s Got a Hold on Me”

What can I say? Kimberly is a firecracker every week! I loved the sassy-ness portrayed in this performance. I loved how she was sitting on that damn chair at the beginning of this performance. Truly, this girl is made to sing songs like this and many other songs from other genres. Also, she does remind me of Fantasia Barrino of American Idol fame, who has a similar tone at the high registers (also because of the way Kimberly wore her outfit in this performance and also because of their similar-looking hairstyles).

1. Meghan Linsey – “Home”

My number one for the top 10 would be Meghan’s “Home”. I just felt a connection to her performance. I also loved the interactive part with the background singers. All in all, I would give this other seasoned performer a standing ovation: started out toned down but strong, then ended with a blast!


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