Bleach 624: The Fang Chapter Assessment

This has been a much-wanted breather chapter for me. In here, we see what is going on in Seireitei from an owl’s eye view: Shinigami and Quincy working together. We also see Sōsuke Aizen recovering from the earlier Quincy attack with more references to how powerful he is.

On the other hand, we finally get a glimpse on what is happening to Ichigo Kurosaki and his group. And finally, we get some comic relief. It feels like a long time since we last laughed on a Bleach chapter; thank goodness for Yoruichi Shihōin and the way she treats Ichigo. Ha! Ha! Thankfully too, her arm has been regenerated with the help of Orihime Inoue powers.

We also got to see what happened when they fell from the Soul King’s palace and were shot down by Ishida. It is a good thing Orihime is given significant roles, and is not just a background player in this arc.

And… Kon! Oh my goodness! I almost forgot the character that is Kon! He is actually a favorite of mine, though mostly an underdog in this series. But man! Thank goodness he was allowed to tag along to Soul Society and actually try to save Ichigo and company (which he actually did :P)


And finally, we get a teaser of amazing things to come in the form of… Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez! One of my favorite Arrancar/Espada, he arrives within the Soul King Palace territory via Garganta! I believe he is the first Arrancar to arrive within the Soul King Palace area. But the way he arrives, the pose that he strikes (unintentional pose), and the way he is portrayed in that last page of the chapter: SUPER COOL!

Can’t wait for the next chapter already!

Chapter Disappointment: None. It was a fun chapter with anticipation for the next.

Chapter Approval: Having some long-awaited comic relief injected into the series again and the appearance of Grimmjow.

Chapter Witticism: Yoruichi kicking Ichigo and Kon popping out of nowhere and getting on Ichigo’s nerves. He! He!

Chapter Cliffhanger: I cannot wait to see what Grimmjow’s role is going to be moving forward from this chapter!



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