The Voice (U.S. Season 8) Top 12 Personal Rankings

The Top 12 are all so talented, but there are still some who outshine the others. There are those who have amazing vocal prowess, display heartfelt emotion, and have explosive stage presence. For this list, I thought of taking into consideration: clarity of enunciation, keeping within pitch, and being able to keep up to the audience.

I noticed for some artists, they sang with the garbled style, seen in today’s top 40 singers. I really do not dig this style because it is just that: you cannot make out what words are actually being said.

As with my last list, I still would like to have the timbre of Joshua Davis and the falsetto ability of Rob Taylor. That would be one sweet combination in a voice!

12. Corey Kent White – “Why”

His performance just did not have that “WOW!” ingredient. For the gestures, I felt like he was acting it out, which is just the way you do it, but it just did not feel genuine. The guitar could have been a problem—he did not even strum that much towards the second half of his performance.

11. Deanna Johnson – “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)”

I like her unheard-of song choices since they really do showcase her spinto voice. I like the positivity being projected that gives a nice contrast to her low register. I also like her simple, elegant-style stage presence. However, I wish she sang with a clearer enunciation.

10. Mia Z – “Miss You”

She does have incredible vocal techniques, but I could not understand much of her words. She still has that garbled enunciation style; I do wish she would develop clarity in singing.

9. Sawyer Fredericks – “Imagine”

Sawyer’s enunciation style is like modern indie music, wherein occasionally, you may and may not understand the words. I just noticed, Sawyer tends to belt out at portions that you do not usually belt out, which gives him a different approach in stressing out emotional parts of a song. He usually stays within his chest and belting voice, as he did not sing out in falsetto during the “…living life in peace… YOU, you may say…” part. Maybe he has not developed a falsetto yet.

8. Joshua Davis – “America”

I love Joshua’s voice! However, compared to his “Budapest” performance, this performance was a step backwards. With him here, I also could not understand much of his words. It was a shame, since he performed without his guitar, which I understand for some artists, makes them feel incomplete on stage. Nevertheless, I really love his timbre and the whispering style of his singing!

7. India Carney – “Take Me to Church”

I loved India in her Battle Round with Clinton Washington—she really shined there. However, I feel like as the show goes on, she cannot seem to top herself. That is not a bad thing, churning out consistent performances every week, but at some point, you need to best yourself as artists get cut out and competition gets tight.

6. Hannah Kirby – “Edge of Seventeen”

I loved the opening: it was like she was singing in her own concert! What I just did not like was that she belts WITH her eyes open. I believe that is what people find creepy in her, aside from her weird dancing. She should learn how to project her face in tune to the way she sings to interpret songs better.

5. Koryn Hawthorne – “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)”

Koryn was so explosive in this performance! It definitely showed off the rasp in her spinto voice! It definitely blends well with rock/edgy tunes. She definitely commanded the stage! Overall, a remarkable performance by a young artist.

4. Meghan Linsey – “Girl Crush”

She really does know how to tackle every song! I heard the original recording of this song, and I can say that both are equally good on their own—I would actually side with this version as it is more understandable in this accompaniment. And that prolonged note starting at the 01:13 mark is so WOAH!!

3. Rob Taylor – “I Put a Spell on You”

Rob has a mustache! And he has a killer opening with that low register and “Hah!” attitude! Damn! And when he reaches those falsetto notes, everything is just so damn crazy!

2. Brian Johnson – “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You”

Brian should have not been sent home!

Brian performs without his hat! He has clear diction in his low register, even with a louder-sounding accompaniment. Plus, he really did feel the song, I definitely felt it. Again, I iterate, he should have not been sent home!

1. Kimberly Nichole – “House of the Rising Sun”

Last week, when Pharrell said that Kimberly’s voice is similar to that of an electric guitar’s sound, I didn’t get it. Now, I do! 😀

Kimberly is just super amazing! She should definitely keep going through in the competition! She should try to sing rock, she could entice more viewers if she nails it. Hope she will have more amazing song choices in the future!



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