Fairy Tail 430: Purification Ritual Chapter Assessment

Seeing Wakaba Mine on the cover is just… Ha! Ha! Ha!

Oh well, Gray Fullbuster’s opening statement,

…There’s no way I’d join some creepy guild like this anyway.

…puts everything back into place. *sigh of relief* Thankfully, Gray was also able to control the marks on his body with Porlyusica’s help. Erza Scarlet’s choice of words like,

It’s always better to have less people know about the mission, as it raises the rate of success

…is one of the things I missed about her. She could have simply said, “to keep other people out of trouble,” but no, she chose “rate of success” instead. She just has a different way of getting things across.

Then comes a shocking revelation that should have been given utmost emphasis: Avatar is not just the small guild like the one Gray infiltrated. It is NOT even the main branch of the guild; rather, it is just a “small part of it”. With that, we get the impression that Avatar is a much bigger guild of Zeref-followers, possibly bigger than the Balam Alliance of chapters and arcs past.

In a touching moment, Gray apologizes to Lucy Heartfilia for having to put up a cruel act to cover his real allegiance. He also laughs at the thought that a maid hit him, which makes Lucy blush. There is some tension between these two… Hmm…


Chapter Disappointment: None. But I do hope Lucy’s stardress with Taurus does not disappoint.

Chapter Approval: Everyone is happy, everyone is “All fired up!”, and Fairy Tail’s strongest team is reunited! YAY!! 😀 Also, seeing the surprised faces of the villains gives me a sense of power that only comes with Fairy Tail. Plus, we get to see the awesomeness that is Erza, once again: “It was only one…” goes a frightened Avatar soldier after witnessing what she is capable of.

Chapter Witticism: That moment between Gray and Lucy. *Juvia looms in the background* The Taurus stardress looks kind of ridiculous. It reminded me of Princess Leia of Star Wars, when she was captured and made a slave girl by Jabba the Hutt.

Chapter Cliffhanger: The next chapter is going to be titled, “My Sword Is…” and so, we expect a chapter dedicated to Erza! YAY! Also, I do hope Lucy will reveal more amazing moves. She was epic in the Tartarus arc, the one against Jackal; I want more of that!


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