Fairy Tail 429: Code Blue Chapter Assessment

Okay, I was really taken back after going through this chapter. And thankfully, everything turned out great! Plus, we got two chapters this week, making the experience really amazing! Hopefully, though, we will get a new chapter next week.

Goumon really is a scary and creepy sadist! I did not even know of the torture method that he described involving the goat. Hearing of that method drained the blood out of my face. When he was about to slice Lucy Heartfilia in half, I knew then that she would eventually be rescued. I was anticipating:

A. Natsu Dragneel to overpower his binds and rescue her,
B. Gajeel Redfox and Levy McGarden to bust into the scene and rescue her,
C. A celestial spirit (Horologium or Leo) to cross their gates and rescue her, or
D. Erza Scarlet to bust into the scene and rescue her.

Correct answer?

E. None of the above.

It was actually Gray Fullbuster, who froze Goumon, thus rescuing Lucy. He was #TeamFairyTail all along and calls someone over his lacrima wireless phone or something, while referring to himself as “Code Blue”. *breathes a sigh of relief* He then goes to declare a “code red”. It turns out, Gray was undercover on a mission to infiltrate Avatar, along with his companion: ERZA “FREAKING!” SCARLET!!! Queen Titania is back!!


Wow! Two surprises in one chapter (Gray’s innocence and Erza’s appearance), and it was just the first of the two chapters released this week! Hiro Mashima is a sly one, alright!

Chapter Disappointment: None.

Chapter Approval: Gray is still on the good side and we see “Super cool!” Erza on the last page.

Chapter Witticism: The sadistic side of Goumon and those panels featuring him and Lucy. I know it is sadistic of me to say so, but the way the scenes were drawn was partly funny. 😉 In my mind, Virgo was watching Lucy from the Celestial Spirit World and was feeling super turned on. He! He!

Chapter Cliffhanger: Not much of a cliffhanger, really. There was the last page dedicated to Erza, but since another chapter was released, it was on to the next chapter immediately! 😀


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