Fairy Tail 428: If our paths are different… Chapter Assessment

Personally, this is another disappointing chapter for me. It was anti-hero-ish. Also, taking a cue from the chapter title, I was expecting Natsu Dragneel to put some sense into Gray Fullbuster since he is taking “a different path”. Apparently, it had another connotation in that, Gray is “DEFINITELY taking a different path”. Yes, he really has gone mad with desire to face off with E.N.D., and has completely moved on from the disbandment of Fairy Tail.

I am with Lucy Heartfilia when she cried: Gray severing connections with his nakama is really painful. What a bastard!

Another disappointing thing that happened here is that Natsu and company were captured (AGAIN!?) by the same villains that he took down in the last chapter. Why does it always have to be like this!? Also, it seems that Mary is one of those annoying villains who smile, laugh, and have a sadistic nature. Don’t you just hate these kinds of characters!?

On the other hand, at least, we get to see Gajeel Redfox and… surprise! Levy McGarden! Aw! How… sweet…


Chapter Disappointment: Gray turning down his (former?) friends and Natsu and company getting captured by villains that he shot down in the last chapter. All that display of power was for nothing!

Chapter Approval: Seeing Gajeel, and seeing that Levy, somehow, sticks to where he goes.

Chapter Witticism: Nothing funny in this chapter for me. 😛

Chapter Cliffhanger: Code Blue is the title of the next chapter. Hmm… not that much of an emergency in the next chapter then.


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