The Voice (U.S. Season 8) Live Playoffs (Episode 15) Personal Rankings

This is the continuation from my earlier post entitled, The Voice (U.S. Season 8) Live Playoffs (Episode 14) Personal Rankings, wherein I sort through the Top 20’s performances (by episode) and rank them from my least favorite to my most liked.

This episode has more seasoned performers than from the earlier Top 20 episode; if not, then they were really coached well. Their actions and expressions were really good, aside from their voices.

Going through their performances, I wished I had a combination of both Joshua Davis and Rob Taylor’s voices: Joshua’s manly sound at the low and high registers & Rob’s full falsetto sound.

10. Nathan Hermida – “Chains”

Nathan really did not feel this song. If he did, it was not convincing enough; it actually looked like detached acting/performing, and not really feeling it. It looked like he wanted to do something edgy, but did not get the chance. There were some off notes, like his belt midway through the song (at the 1:37 point).

9. Lexi Dávila – “All By Myself”

In fairness to Lexi, this was not a bad performance; it just was not a glorious moment. Yes, she did the belts, but it was obvious that she is more of a “non-power” singer. She seems more adept in using the high falsettos rather than belting out the notes. Also, this song really is difficult to sing because of the power that has to be conveyed in its performance. I believe she should have sung something by Demi Lovato.

8. Sonic – “I’m Going Down”

She started out good, but as the song went on, it was like she lost some control. Maybe it is just as what the coaches said that she was distracted by the audience’s cheers. Her vocal fries (…my whole world UP–side down…) at the word, “up” lacked. She should have stuck to something by P!nk or Jessie J. It was sad to see her go.

7. Deanna Johnson – “Down to the River to Pray”

I actually liked her performance, she looked ethereal; it was just that she was alongside a batch that had other huge performers with bigger songs. Though I do not know the song, I would guess she would really go well doing indie sounds. Her low, but audible register really is amazing!

6. India Carney – “Hurt”

India is one of my favorites, after her Battle Round against Clinton Washington (who was also incredible in that Battle Round!). Though this is a good song for her, it also showed that her falsettos are not yet well-developed; she should stick to singing full voice for the meantime. It was a good performance, with the signature “walk” that goes with the bridge (If I had just one more day..), which Christina Aguilera always does when performing this song.

5. Tonya Boyd-Cannon – “Take Me to the Pilot”

When I heard the soulful, jazzy introduction to the performance, I immediately perked up. She also started good, but as it went on, she lost some sort of control, although not as much as Sonic did. There were times when she sounded soft and low that it was inaudible to me—intended or not. It was this that made me NOT really a fan of the ending. However, it was shocking that she was let go. *sigh!*

4. Rob Taylor – “Earned It”

What can I say? He has definitely got it! His chest register is as soulful as ever! His falsettos are so full, that if you go one octave higher, they become Mariah Carey’s full whistles! Plus, he has gotten himself a cool hairstyle! Really good!

3. Joshua Davis – “Budapest”

Oh man! Joshua Davis’ style is very admirable! I would really love to be able to sing in a tone like his! It is so sexy that it really charms the ladies. Plus, he is good with the guitar! If he was in the Philippines, he would really make a lot of awesome-sounding harana! Also, I love his whispering-singing voice. It’s low but audible and breathy but catching—definitely a style I would like to develop!

2. Brian Johnson – “At This Moment”

I relate so much to Brian. Growing up while being ridiculed because of your weight and appearance really takes its toll on life. I am so happy Brian was able to channel the pain and sadness into his singing and thus, be born with a very inspirational style. I really love how he interpreted this song, building it up, and making it soar peacefully. Thumbs up!

1. Kimberly Nichole – “What’s Up?”

Her performance just solidified her place in the finals. ‘Nuff said! But really, her experience really shows in her performance. She was able to take (in the words of Adam Levine) “really, REALLY tough song to sing” and make the audience feel and understand the words. I really relate to the line, “…and I, I’m feeling a little peculiar…” That was a line that really tugged my heartstrings. When she scaled through the line, “And so, I cry sometimes when I’m lying in bed just to get it all up, what’s in my head…” it was there that I believed this song fit her. She just has a voice that she can manipulate to fit a song.


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