The Voice (U.S. Season 8) Live Playoffs (Episode 14) Personal Rankings

Now that the Top 12 of the eighth season of The Voice (U.S.) has been picked, I went back to each of the Top 20’s performances and sorted them from my standpoint of least favorite to most liked. The way I sorted them is by episode (14 and 15), and in this post, I ordered the 10 performances of episode 14. With that, there will be a second part to this post. Twenty performances in one post is too many, so I did it this way. Maybe I will do a third part wherein I sort the whole 20 performances, we will see. 😛

At this point of The Voice, how you perform (actions and expression) now matter; not just the actual voice. That is what having a coach is for. This is no longer the Blind Auditions.

10. Brooke Adee – “Love Me Like You Do”

Brooke is so beautiful and she does have a voice to go with it. However, her performance lacked conviction from her facial expressions to her movements. It was like all she did was sing, just walk around the stage, and smile. I believe she would have let out a better performance if she had sung a better song. Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” just does not seem fit as a competition piece.

9. Lowell Oakley – “Jealous”

Lowell has such a unique style of singing, but the song, “Jealous” just did not provide enough opportunity to showcase this. Lowell is better off singing older soul music wherein he overlays his stylings. What’s more, Nick Jonas’ falsetto sound in this song was not really portrayed well by Lowell. It was disappointing to see him go. 😦

8. Caitlin Caporale – “Best Thing I Never Had”

I was also disappointed to see Caitlin go. She was one of my favorites early in the competition, but her performance just “lacked”! Her earlier piece, “Warrior” was better than this Beyoncé hit. I am guessing she wanted to show off her RnB chops on the line, “I bet it sucks to be you right now-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ooow…” (1:03 in the video). However, it just did not shine. I believe a song with dark angst would have blended better with her singing disposition now. Another thing is, with a about revenge and karma, she should have not smiled sweetly, even at the end of the performance.

7. Corey Kent White – “Make You Feel My Love”

His performance was okay. He did try to convince through the song, but it just was not convincing enough. However, he does have a better understanding of performing a song. I just was not a fan of his wrinkled forehead throughout the performance, ala trying so hard to emote. He should ease up when singing ballads.

6. Meghan Linsey – “Love Runs Out”

Meghan is obviously a seasoned performer from the way she does it on stage. What a powerhouse! For me, it is actually a tie for numbers six and five between her and Sawyer Fredericks. She is just in number six because there were times when she moved the mic far from her mouth, which lessened the impact of her belt sound. I would have loved to hear her strong and proud belts. 🙂

5. Sawyer Fredericks – “Trouble”

Sawyer is one of the young artists, but he does know what to do. I just wished he had more actions while performing, which is one of the disadvantages of playing an instrument while singing. However, he did churn out a great performance. He is like an indie-powerhouse sort of singer.

4. Mia Z – “Ain’t No Sunshine”

Another of the young artists, and she does know what she is doing! That is just freaking awesome! I definitely loved this performance, with the low and soft “I know I, I know I…” (1:13 in the video). I am already tired of hearing the female-indie, sort-of-warbled sound, but her belts? Wow!

3. Hannah Kirby – “I Feel the Earth Move”

Hannah’s voice is stellar, that is a definitive. Her performance is… kind of like a toss between weird and creepy… but in a good way, because it actually gives her something that will remind her of. When she performs, she has a wide stance, which makes her movements look weird. Couple that with her wide-open eyes (that do NOT even close when she belts) and you have creepy. She also sort of bends down while moving, so it does look weird. But again, it is in a good way. Ha! Ha! She actually reminds me of how Jaya performs. She should not have been in the bottom three on Blake’s team.

2. Sarah Potenza – “Free Bird”

I just cannot believe this artist went home! I believed in her performance, I definitely felt it. It was actually like her last performance on the show: “If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me?” goes the opening line of her performance. Me? I will definitely remember her. Maybe she would not have been voted out if she chose an upbeat song to entice viewers, but then again, her toned down performance is also great! *sigh!* To add insult to injury, the artists whom she beat in the Battle Rounds (Hannah Kirby) and in the Knockouts (Brian Johnson) are advancing to the Final!

1. Koryn Hawthorne – “How Great Thou Art”

I absolutely loved this performance! I felt the emotion, I felt the voice, I felt the song! I love the expression and I love the actions! I thought that what a coincidence for it be sung within the Easter season, nevertheless, it definitely fit her voice! I never really gave attention to Koryn early on, but when she showcased her vocal rasp and deepness in this performance, I instantly rooted for her. That rasp and deepness is a rare combination in singing, which I love!


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