Fairy Tail 427: The Heated Underground Battle Chapter Assessment

I was disappointed not seeing Gajeel Redfox in this chapter since I initially thought that Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster, and him will be facing off in the underground of the Avatar base, i.e., Heated Underground Battle. I guess that will be for next chapter or even a few chapters later. Oh well.

Another disappointing thing that I realized is Lucy Heartfilia’s new ability called Star Dress. Basically, the idea is that the celestial spirit mage will have similar armor and abilities as that of the celestial spirit the mage has called on, a bit like Erza Scarlet’s The Knight. And that, is exactly what is disappointing about it. The celestial spirit mage is not granted the same abilities as the celestial spirit. What’s more is that the celestial spirit has to be called on in order for this magical ability to work. Disappointing, if you ask me. I was expecting something where the celestial spirit mage and the celestial spirit would merge, ala Mirajane Strauss’ Body Takeover or ala Yoh Asakura’s skill as a medium/shaman in Shaman King. It would have been cool to see Lucy do something like that. 🙂

Anyways, Natsu and company’s sneaking to the Avatar base through the underground is actually useless with Natsu’s on-purpose recklessness. Well, at least, we get to see Lucy don a similar look to Erza. 😀


The first villain we see is the small puppet master, Abel, who turns out to be nothing compared to Natsu. Well, I guess that was expected. Then, we see the dark monk, Goumon, who also gets knocked out. Then, we see the robot guy, D-6, who also gets knocked out. Okaaay… so Natsu became overpowered? Looks like Natsu’s recklessness was not anything to be worried about; he is just amazingly confident of his abilities and has the balls to prove it. This is turning out to be interesting! Finally, Gray reveals himself and the two who once fought together are reunited one year later, now, pumping up to fight each other.

Chapter Disappointment: No Gajeel appearance and the limited awesomeness of Lucy’s Star Dress.

Chapter Approval: An amazing display of power from Natsu.

Chapter Witticism: Virgo being turned on while Natsu fights the Goumon and all those sadism and masochism punishment items—the iron maiden, in particular. It is like Virgo is so turned on by Natsu. Apparently, Virgo’s submission tendencies have also grown in one year. 😛

Chapter Cliffhanger: The next chapter is going to be titled, “If the road taken was wrong…” I guess we will see an understanding and caring Natsu who is going to set Gray back unto the right path. But, who is stronger this time? Also, I shudder to think that Rogue Cheney and Frosch might appear. O_o




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