Fairy Tail 426: Blackheart Chapter Assessment

This chapter practically shows what Gray Fullbuster’s plans are. Apparently, he did join the Avatar dark guild to get his hands on the book, E.N.D. His guildmates know his history and are thus skeptical about his intentions, to which, Gray does reveal what they are! He even does so in a menacing way, like he was possessed, like his life’s purpose is solely to destroy E.N.D. Revenge?

We are also introduced to the members of Avatar in this chapter, but I’m really not interested in them. 😛 Meh!


Chapter Disappointment: Gray becoming an anti-hero. We have one in Bleach; now, we have another in Fairy Tail!?

Chapter Approval: Seeing Gajeel Redfox in the last two pages. What’s more awesome is that he has become an official of the Magic Council’s Detention Enforcement Unit! I am so proud of Gajeel (and Pantherlily)! He definitely is the character that has transformed from the dark side and joined into the good, while maintaining some degree of being a badass.

Chapter Witticism: None for now.

Chapter Cliffhanger: I cannot wait for Natsu Dragneel and company to cross paths with Gajeel. Maybe we might see other characters, like Erza Scarlet and Levy McGarden. What’s more, the next chapter is entitled “The Underground Heated Battle.”



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