Tale of Fairy Tail Ice Trail / Koori no Kiseki 9: In the Train Chapter Assessment

I love “history of…” / back stories / origin stories like this. The reason for that is not because it provides an in-depth understanding of a protagonist’s current behavior and development; we already know of these details as the canon story progresses. Rather, it is because I love to see characters that have become part of the protagonist’s life. With that, I then wonder and look back on whether or not I have come across these characters from the past in the current/canon storyline.

So, the first character we meet is Pause Lightless. Yes, a very unusual name, indeed! Nonetheless, Pause seems like a nice name; I might consider it for my kid’s name in the future. I actual like this character; he is more like me, I believe. He is low-key, reserved, quiet, kind, and friendly. But, once he gets annoyed, irked, pissed off / angry… holy crap! He loses it! He turns into the Incredible Hulk! Also, I like his magic, although I do not know what it is called. Book Magic? Paper Magic? Maybe even Wind Magic or Air Magic. Nevertheless, it is really nice: book pages twirling into a tornado that attacks enemies. Add his rampaging attitude, and you have got yourself a monster!


The next character we meet is Doronbo, the thief whom Gray Fullbuster busted in the last chapter. Apparently, Pause is oblivious to this thief and proceeds to be friendly with him. Doronbo wants to exact revenge on Gray, but for some reason, now is not the right time. (Weird, if you ask me.) So, for now, Gray is stuck traveling with Pause and Doronbo. Ha! Ha! Actually, traveling with Pause should not have been a problem, but adding Doronbo to the party will make for an interesting adventure. I cannot wait for the next chapter! 🙂

Chapter Disappointment: None. It was a fast story and I believe all details were there. No bad turn outs, too, so it was a great chapter.

Chapter Approval: Meeting Pause and discovering his abilities. Saving the young King Mogura and kicking the butts of its poachers.

Chapter Witticism: Pause going berserk, the way Gray “stops” Pause, the way the King Moguras dig into the ground “as a family”, and Doronbo traveling with Gray.

Chapter Cliffhanger: I wonder how an adventure with these three characters will turn out. Also, I am scanning my memory (and eventually, the past chapters of Fairy Tail) if we have already encountered Pause and Doronbo. Could they be part of the Avatar guild?


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