Fairy Tail 425: Sabretooth X792 Chapter Assessment

Finally! This is one of those chapters where we say, “Now, we’re on to something!” When Natsu Dragneel visits the Sabretooth guild and goes looking for Rogue Cheney and says that he must not trust Gray Fullbuster at this time, I was brought back to the Dragon King Festival / Future Rogue arc.

Just to refresh your memory, when Natsu beat the Future Rogue in chapters 336 to 337, Future Rogue forewarns Natsu to tell him in one year’s time to protect Frosch. Back then, I kept wondering how Frosch will die / died.

Now, one year after Fairy Tail’s disbandment, Natsu’s eagerness to meet Rogue and his resolve to bring back Gray says it all: Frosch will/might get killed by Gray. Definitely, “We’re on to something!” Things are really getting exciting with a tinge of foreboding. I do hope Rogue does not do anything stupid and follow Natsu to where the Avatar guild is. Then again, can destiny be changed? I think Natsu, Happy, and Lucy are not enough to bring down the Avatar guild. With that, I believe they will encounter other Fairy Tail members before facing off with Avatar. Also, is it possible that Gray knows about E.N.D.? Is E.N.D. really connected to Natsu?


Chapter Disappointment: Natsu not explaining everything to those involved in a proper way. How are they supposed to understand his confusing actions!? Also, if he would only explain things fully, Rogue would definitely be cautious about going out on jobs with Frosch!

Chapter Approval: A lot! Natsu talking to Lucy up close, with one of the panels showing him holding her leg (although it was subtle since Lucy slapping him in the face calls more attention). Sting Eucliffe and Yukino Aguria seemingly together (?) The confirmation that Yukino returned to the Sabretooth guild. (I know it was confirmed in the animé, but I follow the manga for official story developments.) Lector looking for Carla while blushing. (Cute!) Sting and Minerva Orlando seemingly together (?) Minerva apologizing to Lucy and having a whole 360-degree turnaround in behavior! The living spirit of Fairy Tail; and of course, one of the mysteries of how Frosch will/might die is revealed.

Chapter Witticism: A whole lot as well, almost in every page, except in the first three and last five. *cough* *cough* Fat Sting *cough* *cough*

Chapter Cliffhanger: The next chapter is entitled “Blackheart.” I do hope we will see happened to Gray for him to turn out like so. He looks very different with his hair up, actually resembling a fusion of Mard Geer and Jellal Fernandes. Also, the other members of Avatar are intriguing. The dark-skinned lady is like Storm from X-Men. The small clown with the puppet seems to be connected to Kain Hikaru. The monk (dark monk?) with crazy eyebrows reminds me of Jura Neekis. I am interested to learn of each member’s back stories.


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