Fairy Tail Zero 9: Treasure Chapter Assessment

At long last, the latest chapter of Fairy Tail Zero was released. Actually, I look forward to this series more so now compared to the original. Not to say that I hate the original series, but something about the history of the Fairy Tail guild really appeals to me. It is really nice to get to see how Mavis pulled off establishing a guild and also, the type of magic she uses.

I admit, as Fairy Tail Zero progressed, I was disappointed in the magical ability of Mavis Vermilion. I thought that she had some awesome magical abilities to compliment her being the founder of Fairy Tail, Magnolia’s strongest magicians’ guild. Then again, after reading through the chapters, I realized that it was okay for her to be at that magical level, as it makes her character more believable. If she was born strong, it may have been boring. Seeing her go through hardships (the same as Cinderella) gave rise to her desire for a guild that treasures friendships and bonds that are never taken for granted.

That is exactly what the title of this chapter meant. She goes on to say:

I hunt the treasure known as friendship!


I actually loved this chapter, as it best showcases Mavis’ passion and what she is willing to risk for. It also shows a side of Precht Gaebolg that I love, before he crossed to the dark side.

Chapter Disappointment: Yury Dreyar being an idiot, which is understandable since he is a treasure hunter and there was no real deal between him and Mavis on who gets the Tenrou Jade. Also, where is Warrod Sequen?

Chapter Approval: Mavis’ resolve.

Chapter Witticism: None for this chapter.

Chapter Cliffhanger: I’m looking forward to the next chapter! It’s one month away and it’s a looong wait! What will Mavis do? Will there be some amazing magic spell performed? Hope next month’s chapter won’t disappoint!


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