Fairy Tail 424: Avatar Chapter Assessment

So, that last page of this chapter shocked me. What the hell!? I thought Gray Fullbuster wanted to beat E.N.D. and eventually, Zeref. Plus, he is starting to look a lot like his dad, Silver Fullbuster. Oh well. Maybe this is Gray’s plan to locate Zeref and E.N.D.: join a dark guild (IT IS a dark guild, is it not? They worship Zeref.) and then once Zeref appears to them, take him out. It is a common tactic in stories, a protagonist seemingly going against his friends and joining the dark side, but in the end, his intention was to penetrate and destroy the enemy, much like a double agent.

Then again, Gray could have gone evil, what with those unusual markings on his body. Was it a side effect of Silver lending his demon-slaying power to Gray? Or when Gray and Natsu Dragneel faced off with Mard Geer Tartarus… that chapter where Mard Geer used Memento Mori? But back then, it was the left side of Gray’s body that was demonized; in this chapter, it is his right side. Also, in this chapter, it does not look like his right side was demonized—it looks more like an elaborate tattoo. Plus, his right eye looks okay.


Chapter Disappointment: That last page and Juvia Lockser’s depressed state… all because of her love sickness!

Chapter Approval: Another reunion: another Fairy Tail member in the bid to revive the Fairy Tail guild. Also, Natsu does care for Gray. 🙂

Chapter Witticism: Juvia who is still oblivious that Lucy Heartfilia is really not interested in Gray in a romantic way, and that she still finds it right to brag about her supposed “intimate” moments with Gray. 😀

Chapter Cliffhanger: Again, that last page! What has become of our friend, Gray!?

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