Josh Groban to Release “Stages” in April 2015!

When Josh Groban released his Noël album back in 2007, I was happy to see that he dedicated an entire album to Christmas songs. It was then that I thought that hopefully, someday in the future, he would make an album consisting of stage musical songs. It was somehow a far-fetched idea because how many singers actually do record a full Broadway-inspired album? Granted, there are those who record stage musical songs for their albums, but it’s just one or two songs that do make the cut. But now, it seems that the future has arrived.

Going through YouTube, I came across this video of “extra video clips” for the supposed trailer for Groban’s upcoming new album, Stages. At first, I did not understand the concept coming from the album title; but when I heard Groban’s voice on “What I Did for Love” from the musical, A Chorus Line at the 0:35 mark, it was then that I realized what Stages really meant. And it was genuinely exciting! Finally! Yes! I felt goosebumps and resigned that I will definitely get his album when it drops!

Though the video is NOT the official trailer for the album (which I haven’t seen yet), it is enough for me to be a trailer in itself. Oh, and the official music video for the song, “What I Did for Love” was also released! See it after the jump.

Already, I cannot wait for this new album! It is coming next month!

And now, here’s the “What I Did for Love” music video:

I am eagerly anticipating Groban’s spin on classic Broadway tunes. His voice is truly distinct, and listening to these stage musical songs in a baritone range will definitely help me a lot in learning these kinds of songs.

Already, congratulations to Mr. Josh Groban, and thank you for doing this album! 😀

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