Bleach 619: The Betrayer Chapter Assessment

I was excited with Bleach when Ichigo Kurosaki finally entered the fight against Yhwach. It was a long time coming, due to Bleach’s slow pace / bits-of-the-story-per-chapter style. I’m not really a fan of this, but it is necessary to portray the exquisite and elegant illustrations seen on every page: Simple panels with restrained drama. And now, finally, we get to see Uryū Ishida firing his bow.

619CoverNow, I was skeptical that Uryū really pledged allegiance to Yhwach. I thought, maybe he is just playing along to the whole Quincy thing and in the end, will “betray” Yhwach. Then again, Yhwach has the power of “The Almighty”, so, I don’t know. But it really is pissing me off seeing him go against his friends. He is getting to be a real anti-hero in this manga.

Chapter Disappointment: Uryū still seemingly keeping sides with Yhwach and Mimihagi torn off the Soul King.

Chapter Approval: None, really. Kind of a depressing chapter.

Chapter Witticism: None. It’s one of those chapters painted in all seriousness.

Chapter Cliffhanger: Yoruichi Shihōin is wounded here, and I do hope she does not die. Please, please, please, not another death in Bleach!


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