Fairy Tail 423: Because I Love You Chapter Assessment


Finally, I’ve got the chance to read chapter 423! I’ve been waiting all week for this chapter to be released after seeing Blue Note Stinger in the previous chapter. I thought, since Gildarts Clive isn’t around, who else would have to fight him than Natsu Dragneel? And that is exactly what we get in this chapter, and what a shock!


It is definitely a chapter that showcases how much Natsu has gotten stronger over the course of a year. Back then, during the Tenrou Island arc, Natsu could not even touch Blue Note. But today, everything changes! In just one breath, everything changes.

I can almost hear Fairy Tail addicts clamoring for a rematch between Gildarts and Natsu. Well, what if Gildarts, too, has gotten stronger in one year? We’ll just have to wait and see.

I feel that this new arc of Fairy Tail is what Hiro Mashima really wanted to happen in the beginning: a purposeful journey between Natsu, Lucy Heartfilia, and Happy, much like RaVe. With that, I cannot wait to read unto the incoming chapters.

Chapter Disappointment: Wendy Marvell and Chelia Blendy’s supposed tag fight with the monster tamer (and Blue Note, I suppose) didn’t happen. That would have been nice to see: kids going against the big guys. 😉

Chapter Approval: Defeating Blue Note in just one breath.

Chapter Witticism: Natsu being oblivious of things around him. Seriously, after a year of training, he still hasn’t learned to put things into perspective. -_-

Chapter Cliffhanger: Juvia Lockser has gone back to being depressed…!? And, Wendy blushing on the suggestion that she loved (in a romantic way, I presume) Natsu. Ha! Ha! Ha!



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