Do not be frightened. Do take this seriously, though. In the future, where I am in, there is a campaign to celebrate International Women’s Day wherein women would give advice to their younger selves through writing or recording a video. The campaign is called #DearMe. Do not be confused by the use of the pound sign in the campaign name. It is a trend in the future, called a hashtag. I will not explain it; you’ll understand later on. There are more important matters to tell you. By the way, we are not women, but I do feel the need to write to you, my younger self, regardless. That explains the existence of this letter to my younger self, because honestly, the future sucks right now.

You are 13. Just graduated from elementary and now, going to high school, right? I remember that you were upset then because most of your friends from elementary will be going to San Jose High School, while you will be going to Benguet State University – Secondary Laboratory School. DO NOT BE UPSET! You will enjoy it! It is going to be one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life. You will be in the Agricultural Science section and you will make friends—extended brothers and sisters—who will be people you will be with for life.

Let me caution you, though. You will no longer be in the honor roll. The truth is, there are students who are more intelligent than you and can reach general averages above 95.0%. You, on the other hand, are able to reach only until 89.0%. It is sad, but you can change it. You have to be more studious. Read your notes over and over. Slowly stop watching television, it is one of your biggest distractions. Always participate in recitations. It IS nerve-wrecking, but your teachers are kind. Trust me, they are. They will not embarrass or humiliate you as long as you show interest to learn. If your classmates will laugh, just laugh along. In the future, I learned to laugh along with people who laugh at me, and you know what? It does not feel belittling or that you feel less when you laugh at yourself. So, learn to laugh at yourself. Please, for the sake of your our sanity.

Next, I urge you to please, start to lose weight fat. Though I loved high school, I did not thoroughly enjoy it. I did not get to participate competitively in extracurricular activities because I was fat then. I know, it’s embarrassing when people laugh at us because of how we look. Just understand that in your time, fat people are equivalent to losers. Do not worry, in my time, it is not so. But still, do start to lose fat. You will thank me for it, you’re welcome. 😉

Seriously, do not eat a lot! Be ashamed of being a glutton! Start exercising and walking more. When you summer vacation comes, start going to the gym, join a sports program (soccer), and start going to music school. Do this every summer of every school year. By the time you hit fourth year, you will be looking good and will have more confidence to impress that girl you had a crush on since elementary. Again, you’re welcome.

Speaking of music school, stick to it. Enroll in voice, violin, and piano. You think you love journalism, but in the future, you will want to become a professional singer/musician. High school is the best time to start this endeavor. Again, you’re welcome.

Try to understand your father. He also has difficulties and can sometimes bring out his anger on you. Do not be frustrated with him. He just tries to cope with the changing world while also trying to fix his finances. Remember, your family will not always be with you forever. Death is real.

When those guys from Vo-Ag tease you of being gay, you know better: You are a gentle giant and a good friend to all. And I like that about you. Don’t worry, it’s going to be alright in the future. I’ve become fearless but kind. We’re awesome.

Start saving! Even this early, start saving your money/baon. Open an account at BSU Coop (which I did anyway), and keep depositing while decreasing the withdrawals. Those animé collectibles that you buy with the money that you save will not matter in the future. I promise you, technology will make it more accessible for you to get your hands on these animé that we so love, so do not bother buying them now. You see, there is a thing called downloads, and piracy, and online streaming that I enjoy now. Again, I will not explain, you will eventually learn it later; it’s just that the technology of your time is limited, in ten years, you will see—it will become easier to enjoy all the things that you think are being withheld from you now. You will have money to buy everything you want, just focus on improving yourself and on SAVING YOUR MONEY!

Again, improve yourself. Throw yourself into school. Be serious about school, in excelling in it, and in being in the honor roll. Strive to be a top student. It counts in the future.

Oh, by the way, take care of your skin and hair. Do not use a lot of hair gel. Do not always use a hat/cap. Stay under the shade most of the time. Drink a lot of water. EXERCISE! Avoid staying under the sun for too long when doing field work. DO NOT EAT A LOT OF FATTY FOOD OR FOOD WITH OIL! Again, you will thank me for it.

Next, when you graduate from high school, remember this: your limitations in your time does not justify you to pursue the course that you want. If you want to take up Bachelor of Science in IT but you don’t have a computer, pursue it. Having a computer is not a requirement for that course. If you want to take up music but don’t have a personal instrument, still, pursue it. Not knowing to play an instrument is not a requirement for that course also. And duh! You can sing. Trust me, people will ask you to sing in the future. And if you do not know where to take up music, go to UP Diliman or University of Sto. Tomas. Your parents might not let you, but explain it to them in a nice way. Don’t shout or be angry. Control your anger. For the both of us, anger is our main emotion, our driving force, but learn to control it.

Keep your faith in GOD. No matter what happens, HE has always been kind and generous to you. Remember what happened in Grade 4? Yes, that one. So please, do not lose the faith. And keep believing in yourself that you can. You can, as long as you set your mind to it. Endure. Persevere. You were, are, and will continue to be taught to endure. It is one of our strongest points. We can swallow darkness in ourselves and let it be consumed until it is no longer there. It is tough, but it is one which has kept me going for so long.

I said earlier in this letter that the future, my time, sucks. Yes, because of the decisions I didn’t do when I was your age. So please, do what I have written in this letter. #DearMe, do not fail me. For our own sanity and success.

Thank you.
I love you.
Be careful always.


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Recis Dempayos

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