The Old Reader: A Short-Lived Affair

The-Old-Reader-going-privateUpdate: The Old Reader announced that they will remain public after all.  I’m still testing out Bloglovin, though: Follow my blog with Bloglovin.

It’s another sad week.

Yesterday, I saw a notification on my The Old Reader page saying that they took down the “Donate” button and that they were going private.  I was initially alarmed after reading the “… going private” page so I headed over to their blog.  Sure enough, I saw their heart-breaking announcement: The Old Reader is going to be a private RSS Aggregator for the developers’ families and friends, those who already donated, & those who signed up before March 31, 2013.

I am neither related or friends with any of the three developers.  I haven’t donated to them in the past.  I also am not one of the privileged few who signed up for their service before March 31, 2013 either; although I wish I did.

I’m basically going to be kicked out within two (2) weeks.  😦

Feedly's-blank-pageHonestly, I don’t like Feedly.  It’s become a faster and more responsive RSS Reader than The Old Reader, but I really don’t like it:  It’s too colorful that it distracts from the content you subscribe to.  The columns expand or narrow down depending on what actions you take.  I don’t trust cloud computing yet (at least with the existing quality of Internet connectivity and services within my country).  The user-interface and customizations are overwhelming.  Most of all, despite the reported speed in feed refreshes, the Feedly site does not load on my network!  All I get is a blank, continuously loading page.  O.o

I know that instead of complaining, I should look for other replacements to The Old Reader and Feedly.  There’s the Digg Reader, Bloglovin’, etc.  I know that Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird have RSS Aggregator capabilities too.  But UGH!!!  I was already comfortable with The Old Reader.

It really is a shame.  The Old Reader was a promising project but as the developers said, they want to stop neglecting themselves.  They want to get rid of some stressful workload that isn’t healthy.  Apparently that five-day outage was too much for the three of them to handle.  All they have are themselves against a user-base of thousands.  Well, I do understand the responsibility and the toil it has bestowed on them.  You gotta’ give it to them: they were able to sustain a project this far; a project that has appealed to a lot of people worldwide.  Felicitations to them!  😀

*sigh!* It’s on times like this that I wish I was a developer so I could create my own private RSS Aggregator.  Wouldn’t that be cool?  Suddenly, I’m interested to learn coding, but MEH!  I’m already occupied to the extreme.

Help us search for replacements.

Right now, I’m on Bloglovin: Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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Recis Dempayos

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2 thoughts on “The Old Reader: A Short-Lived Affair”

  1. I ditched The Old Reader because I didn’t like their snarky attitude towards users who weren’t “cool” enough to discover it before the death of Google Reader was announced. I am currently using Feedly (I’ve had too much of The Old Reader developers’ attitudes and the outages). I tried Digg Reader, but feeds load faster with Feedly. You can customize the theme to an all-white (there are options at the lower left pane). My only problem with it is that you can’t separate Loved posts from Saved posts. And that you cannot edit tags. But yeah, based on my research and experience, it actually is a better replacement than The Old Reader.

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