Bye, Bye for Good, Google Reader

The start of this week was a very disappointing one for me. Back in March when Google announced that it would be ending their (RSS) Reader service, I thought they would come up with a better RSS aggregation solution. I thought they wouldn’t really be ending their RSS aggregator. Besides, in the morning of July 2, a day after the announced kill-off of Google Reader, I could still access the service. So I thought, maybe it was a joke?

Alas, in the evening of the same day, I got this message:



They really were serious about ending Google Reader! Of course, I didn’t take their announcement lightly. I went ahead and downloaded my Google Reader data.

So what now?

I’m currently using The Old Reader. I still don’t know if I’ll stick to it; I might find a better RSS Aggregator. I’ve used Feedly and I’m not into it. It’s highly customizable, yes; but the overall look and feel is just not my type. I prefer the ambiance on The Old Reader, but it doesn’t have the speed of loading RSS feeds as that of Google Reader. The same goes for Feedly — it’s not fast enough for me.

That’s what I loved on Google Reader: it’s so darn fast! Plus, the simplistic interface was pleasing. If The Old Reader will optimize their service for faster loading, I will stick with them.

On a quirky *roll eyeballs* note, Google also made these suggestions to their already defunct Google Reader service:


Well, they’re passing the crown and retiring (on RSS Aggregation). With that, we can say that Google Reader really is gone forever. 😦


You might have any other RSS Aggregator suggestions? Could you leave your experiences in the comments section? Thanks!



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