Late Movie Blog Post: Iron Man 3

Here’s a vlog I made about the movie, Iron Man 3, which I watched with friends one week before I made the actual vlog:

So sorry for the poor audio. 😦 To make things worse, I’m blogging about this super late! I’ve been on an irregular posting schedule these past few weeks! 😦

Anyway, Iron Man 3 is a welcome third installment. I love the thought of exposing more of Tony Stark’s capabilities without donning any Iron Man suits. Usually, it’s all about the cool-looking suit and its awesome artillery. But actually, the core of Iron Man is Tony Stark — his physical abilities, his experiences, the decisions he makes, and his awesome mind. It may not look as cool as his armored self, but what we see there is his bare strength.

Nevertheless, we see an influx of Iron Man suits at the final battle … so meh! 😀

About those Iron Man suits with hollow interiors … JARVIS is so badass! We were contemplating that Iron Man had no sidekick, but he’s been there all along in the persona of Tony Stark’s AI manager. Imagine a personal assistant able to schedule your trips and itinerary, manage home security, systematize a crime scene inspection, and control multiple suits to fight beside you! Of course, the only annoying weakness he will have would be the need to recharge for two days before actually being functional.

Which got us asking, “Where are Tony Stark’s ‘Avenger’ friends when he needs them?” He’s in a rut, for goodness’ sake! We were actually expecting The Incredible Hulk, Natasha Romanoff, and even Captain America to come on the screen for a few minutes and help the guy out! Some comradeship the Avengers have, huh?

Sitting all throughout the movie, I couldn’t help but think that Robert Downey, Jr. should star in a movie with Johnny Depp! They’re both actors I look up to and a movie with both of them together would be EPIC! This thought came up because we saw the trailer for The Lone Ranger in the opening, which stars Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer.

By the way, this third installment is directed by Shane Black. The director of the first two movies, Jon Favreau, sits in as one of this movie’s producers.

But anyways, Iron Man 3 is out of most theaters now, so this really is a late blog post. 😦


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