Content is King

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Most who are new to blogging fail to realize that the content or the blog posts that you publish on your blog are the cornerstones that will affect how long you will last in the world of blogging. Most just start a blog, publish a mid-length to long post, then take some days or weeks off before posting another one. Worse, they expect to make money out of it.

For those who are misguided, blogging is not mainly an income-generating effort. Although it is for others, there are bloggers who post because they simply love to write. It’s a self-publishing medium without the money. Don’t look at it as your gateway to riches.

Going back on topic, if you really want to last long in blogging and have a number of views on your statistics page that will nourish your ego, then you should work hard to come up with:

  1. original,
  2. error-free, and
  3. engaging

… blog posts that are published as frequently as possible. If you cannot manage to post everyday, then you can consider posting every other day or every two days. Posting constantly every week is also acceptable.

Remember what seasoned bloggers always say: content is king. If I may revise it, “Content is king, consistency is key”.

There are other bloggers out there who publish long-form posts on a less frequent schedule. This is also good, as long as a consistent pattern is established. Consistency will help Google spiders index your blog and still give it good visibility on the Internet / search results.

The thing is, blog on both: what you know best and what interests you. Focus on your content and posting schedule and enjoy the interaction that comes from blogging.

Good luck!

Cheers! 😀


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Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

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