Whenever I recover from an illness, I feel a sense of renewal. I love the feeling of being empowered after a storm. Yes, I say that every sickness I experience is a storm because at every bad health status, I tumble. Not only do I become physically injured or paralyzed, my spirit also loses its vivacity. But it doesn’t lose the will to fight; it doesn’t lose the will to ward off the sicknesses I encounter. So yes, even though I get sick, I look forward to the new and improved self that it will bring.

Only thing is, I rarely get sick these days. 😛

But do take note, whenever I get sick, it really is a STORM!

For example, a simple sore throat occurs at noontime on a Sunday. By evening, it becomes full-blown that my sinuses get affected, prompting secretions to run down my nose. I sleep.

The next day, I wake up to a sensation of barbed wires engulfing my throat, still with a non-stop runny nose. But it’s a Monday, and I have things to do. I try to go through the day, barring sniffles, difficulties in swallowing, and grimaces. By this time, people start looking at me and I try to cover my face up with a cap and a high-collar jacket. At noon, I decide to go home and sleep the whole day. I wake up in the evening still in possession of the sickness, but I do feel better. I sleep again.

Tuesday: I wake up still sick, but feeling stronger than the past one and a half day. I contemplate working out in the gym, but decide to just sleep the whole morning. I do some errands in the afternoon, enduring a headache caused by irritated/blocked sinuses. This is a sign for me: Headaches while sick indicates that recovery is in sight. I feel confident that by tomorrow, I will be completely better.

It’s a Wednesday and still, I am sick but the headaches are gone, I longer have a runny nose (albeit my nose is still clogged), and my throat has lost its inflammation. I am able to workout in the gym and even get a new haircut. I am also able to resume vocalization exercises and singing some song parts. At this point, the feeling of “weathering the storm” starts to build up within me.

This is one thing I love about life: a sense of coming out strong from difficulties. Even if those difficulties are as simple as getting sick. 🙂

Stay healthy and well, everyone! Cheers! 😀


Published by

Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

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