Compassion is to See the Face of God

les-miserables-heart-full-of-loveI finally got to see Les Misérables on the big screen. It was supposed to be shown LAST YEAR (just last month), but it wasn’t. What a late screening schedule!

I’m so sorry, I just can’t throw off my gripes for our local cinema for the huge delay in the screening schedule of this epic. See, I’ve seen the 10th anniversary concert, read story synopses, and watched the (non-musical) film. It was my chance to see another full musical on the big screen, but it was VERY LATE!

Oh well, no bother. At least it still got screened. 😛

To make this short: I like it! But here are my personal points:

  • I admire Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Valjean in this film, but I think it would have been better if it wasn’t Jackman who took the role — someone less popular instead. It doing so, it would help initially conceal the true identity of Monsieur Madeleine. But anyway, great job to Hugh Jackman!
  • I love Anne Hathaway’s performance of I Dreamed a Dream! When she sang, ” … but there are dreams that cannot be … ” at which point, a tear rolled down her left cheek, I was SOLD!
  • I didn’t like the way A Little Fall of Rain was performed. The “dying Eponine” scene was too much and all those gasps and wheezes disrupted the beauty of the song.
  • I was expecting more with regards to the performance of my other favorite songs from Les Mis: One Day More, In My Life, A Heart Full of Love, and Bring Him Home, but that would be asking too much. It IS film anyway, not musical theater.
  • After seeing the film, my two favorite Les Mis characters remain the same: the Bishop (who takes Valjean under his wing and saves him) and Enjolras.
  • I love how the film “shakes a bit” when panning into the characters. Gives me an authentic feel. 🙂
  • After seeing the movie, I hated the “Master of the House” more, but I do acknowledge Cohen and Bonham-Carter’s portrayals. 😛
  • After the credits, I looked around me and saw people dabbing their eyes, so yeah … the movie IS truly moving. A great adaptation of the musical, indeed!
  • The sight of the dead Gavroche with his innocent eyes wide open is disturbing.
  • Marius’ nose is BIG! 😛

Here’s my related movie review vlog on Les Misérables:

So how did you find the movie? Share your thoughts in the comments section!
Cheers! 😀

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