My Favorite Things … About Myself!

Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favorite thing about yourself.

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The first favorite thing about myself that comes to mind is my determination. I have proven it not only to myself, but to my family and friends as well, when I lost a significant amount of fat. From childhood up to after graduation, I was an Obese Type II guy with a weight range of 100 – 110 kgs. (220 – 242 lbs.). I’m now 75 kgs. (165 lbs.) but the lowest that I reached was 69 kgs. (151.8 lbs.). I blog about my fat-loss experience here.

Of course, being determined (a.k.a. hard-headed) has its disadvantages, like unreasonable thinking, but I digress.

The next favorite thing about myself would be my appreciation of minimalist beauty. To me, minimalism or simplistic beauty or art is sophisticated. Unlike most, who want overblown theatrics and histrionics, I go for the simpler things in life. In doing so, it doesn’t take much to please or excite me. Of course, the simpler things appear much more appealing to me compared to fanciful counterparts.

Another favorite thing about myself is my fluid English proficiency. My parents conversed with me in English even while I was learning to speak. You can say that English is my native language, instead of the national language and the language of my ethnic affiliation. Actually, I’m not fluent in speaking Ibaloi (my ethnic language), but I do understand it. I speak Filipino (national language) often enough but I feel more comfortable talking in English. It’s like second nature to me.

I am a technology nerd. I can understand most technology-related terms and processes, that the ordinary electronics consumer would have trouble deciphering. Usually, my interest lies in mobile, computing, and content-processing technologies; although other categories like space and aeronautics, cars, photography, and home appliances can have interesting bits of technology. Moreover, I am able to maximize a device’s features, take for example my PC’s operating system (Windows 7). I can get the most out of it, whereas other users would complain at the difficulty of using it and its lack of features. I think the key is in being patient to learn about how a device works and researching more about that device’s processes and features. Also, we strongly recommend reading the manual. It works 100%!

Lastly, I have a fondness for my mind. I can’t compare it with other minds and thus determine if it’s superior or inferior, but I like it the way it is. I love the foresight it presents me, as well as the possible solutions to problems it can think of. I also love the fact that it considers being empathetic and consider wise reasoning in decision-making. I love my mind! Thanks very much, Lord!

How about you, dear reader? What are your favorite things … about yourself? 😀


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Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

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